What is an LMOE shelter?

Is it just like the scientist spawns and off the map? Or is it some mystical building I am cursed to never find?

LMOE=Last Man On Earth.

Well(ish) stocked, has some guns and tools inside.

Its a type of building that spawns in woods and fields far from roads and cities. It consists of a small entrance linking to a basement with some weapons/tools/food and a safe source of infinite water. All in all, their often secluded location often makes them impractical as a base as you’ll have to waste a lot of time each day to go from your base to looting grounds.

Best way to find them is to hack a console in a lab and reveal the nearby area. You often spot at least one every time you do that.

I never go to cities until I get lucky with spawns and get a gun with ammo, so it’s kinda easy to find them.

yeah, that infinite water thing is nice, because you can use that to easily train cooking to whatever level your heart desires.

Actually in the most recent experimentals there is a difficulty+1 cap to skill increases with any particular recipe. Thus boiling water and cooking meat cap at skill level 1.

Just thought I’d point that out.

LMOE shelters are still a nice, safe place to use as a base, as well as one of the easiest places to fortify since you only have a very small above ground building but a large below ground complex. Oh and all metal doors and reinforced concrete walls so even if you do run into trouble you can buy yourself all the time you need by closing a door. Build a palisade wall around the entrance with a palisade gate and space for your vehicle, a few roofs for your turrets and you’re all set.