Heat : how does it work?

Right now it’s 19C and anything with at least 10 warmth makes my survivor too hot. Also it seems that being inside makes you warmer, shouldn’t it be more “insulated” inside ? It’s the first time I have so much trouble with heat.

So How does heat works ?

Every piece of armor with warmth generates heat (it’s not really insulation, just +heat).
Some mutations cause heat or loss of heat.
Being hurt, hungry, tired or having common cold decreases heat.
Standing outside cools you down based on wind power (mostly random) and you being wet.

Sitting inside a car (has to be on inside tile and vehicle has to have batteries), wearing a powered power armor or using a climate controller CBM move current heat status one step to comfortable (scorching -> very hot, chilly -> comfortable etc.).

Ok Thanks !
And what’s the relation between temperature and the warm/cold status ?
Does the temperature directly add to your warmth ?

Warm/cold status means that your body part temperature is above/below a given threshold.

Every heat source (or cold source) affects your equilibrium temperature. Your current body temperature will go towards the equilibrium - faster if the difference is greater.
This is calculated per-bodypart, except for eyes. Adjacent (connected) body parts share some heat.