How do I put an o.8 save onto 0.9?

I can’t see where this is written anywhere, i have like 0 tech skill so I have no idea how I would do this.

I just want to put an old 0.8 world, and character, into the new version.

also, when I load up the old save in the new version, when I explore, will the world generate on the new version’s terms or on the old one? (Will I find new items in the shops ect.)


Copy the save folder from your 0.8 to your 0.9 and overwrite as prompted.
The world should convert. You will get exactly the world and character as you had them in 0.8 (you will start where you left off).

oh god, so easy, thank you :slight_smile:

One of the saves didnt seem to make it, it gets as far as going to 16000/16004 then crashes, I’ts a long shot but any ideas?

There’s a specific bug with old save handling that we seem to have messed up, the only workarounds we have are try the experimental, and edit your player save from “version 5” to “version 4” (it’s just text at the top of the file, nothing crazy), or maybe if you make sure your character has no active conditions (bleeding, bite, cold, drug effects, temperature effects, etc…) it’ll work, since that’s the part of the save file that seems to be causing the breakage.

did both, neither worked, thanks anyway though