Importing old character into new world

i really want to start a new map - but want to keep my current character (plus one vehicle).

as far as i understand, i should be able to modify some files to make that happen.
has anyone tried this - or even better: done that successfully?

Something that might work is switching out the [charcter name].sav files (i.e. make a copy of [your character].sav file, generate new world, replace [new character].sav with [your character].sav) in the save folder. If it works, you’ll keep your character skill levels and their current inventory. No idea how to “transport” a vehicle, though.

I’d make a seperate backup of the old save file in case it doesn’t work for some reason.

Heh, it’s even easier than that. Just delete everything but [character name].sav, close the game and restart it (this may or may not be necessary, not sure if the game still loads the world only on startup). Next time you load a save, the game will regenerate the world. You can’t keep the vehicle though since that’s part of the map. You’d have to dismantle it first and carry the pieces which would be pretty hard without cheating. But otherwise it works, I do this all the time.

edit: master.gsav doesn’t get regenerated correctly so don’t delete that either or the game will crash on the mission screen. Of course if you have NPCs off that doesn’t really matter.