Character sav

I have put countless hours into my character “Ahk” and i know that there is save compatibality implemented. But i get very attached to my characters and i dont want to leave him behind in the next update. Does anyone know if its possible to transer just a character. i dont care about the world but i would hate to start fresh unless i died. i dont care about the world i just want my stats and character, weve been through alot together, and i dont really use the debug menu so cheating is out of the question

Also the wicked cars i have made and the bunker i have spent weeks on

Edit: or i could just mourn him as he was and move on

Copy everything in the save folder over into the new version’s save folder. That should move both the world and the character over.

Thanks, ill give it a try

How would I go for importing JUST the character and the items and artifacts he’s carrying, from the 0.8 stable world he’s currently in, to a newly created experimental world?

First go ahead and copy over the whole save folder, load, and save. You need to do this to convert the format of the files. (please make backups if you care about your character a lot).

There are a bunch of funny-named files like #RG9taW5pYyBHb256YWxleg==.sav, #RG9taW5pYyBHb256YWxleg==.apu.txt, and #RG9taW5pYyBHb256YWxleg==.seen.stuff in the save/world directory. Start a new world, save the character, then copy over all the files named like that into the new save/world folder.

I did that, but my artifacts were missing, to I copied the artifacts.gsav too, is that ok? And what’s in master.gsav?

EDIT: There seems to be some weirdness with the map, too. I had a bunch of notes on the map with this character in the previous world, and when I open the map in the new world, I still see the flashing icon of the notes, but I can’t delete them. I tried creating another note over it, and deleting that, but that didn’t work. Now, I understand this is still an experimental version, but would this be fixed for 0.9 stable? If so, I just might wait.

No, the save files are all tied together, all we’re supporting right now is migrating your entire world forward to new versions. You can try and plunk down just the player saves, since they happen to be mostly seperate, but if it doesn’t work it’s not something we consider a bug.

If the artifacts and the notes are the only issues, can you just nuke the notes on the old version before converting and bring the artifacts file over? Either way you’re going to end up being dropped at a random spot on the map, but there’s no real way around that part.

I hadn’t thought about that. Yeah, I’ll do that. Thanks for the help.