How did you last die?


I killed a zombie grenadier and died to the nuke on its body


tried to get through the iron bars for the gun store
broke the glass an alarm went off
zombies came I ran and hid
took a car through the front
smashed up the car to get through
escaped with some kind of red ak with foreign rounds a 45 pistol and a box of twelve gauge all they had
eyebot came took a picture
tried to get to the shelter policebot came
teargassed because the gasmask was too constricting
cuffed up left to brutes while robots chased


In the thick of a dense forest with my sniper character a random flashbang hack pops out from behind a tree, blinds me. My vision returns and I see a zombie soldier with a bag filled with hacks, another flashbang hack followed by a teargas hack, easy enough targets for my character. Lost sight of the zombie soldier at this point, start looking around for it and suddenly a massive explosion consumes my character, killing me instantly. I could only assume the zombie had a mininuke hack tucked inside that bag of his.


Explosive hacks from a zombie grenadier collapsed the ceiling on me in a lab. I’ve been paranoid about quantum tunneling through locked doors into Lab Barracks ever since, and this has saved me from death at least twice, along with careful use of the Directional EMP CBM.


Had full gear but not a vehicle yet. I came across a national guard base and exploited the zombies and hid inside a tank. Then shot all the robots. I drove a trunk through the out fencing and walls to make a gap. I avoided the mines and reverse the truck. Then drove it at the gap at around 60. I let go of the controls as I had the door open and I attempt to dive from the vehicle. Only the piece of $h!t truck fish tailed and ran my sorry @$$ over and I died instantly lol


Fish tailed from you jumping on the door, huh? That might be related to the bug where NPCs moving inside a vehicle cause it to skid out of control. I’ve had the former happen, but I rarely move my PC around in a moving vehicle.


Longest surviving character for a while and, well into the mid game. Went on a night raid to the next town over. Was bent over trying to pick a lock when a hulk comes up behind me out of nowhere and [CENSORED] me in the [CENSORED]. Didn’t even have a chance.


While walking through the forest I wanted to cross the road.
Too bad I just walked in front of road blocade with chicken bot
guarding it.
Red dots and big boom!


I also was invited to play football by one hulk and one shocker brute.
Guess who was football… :wink:


Strange bug. While I agree that it sucks. It does make some sense. When a fast moving vehicle has a person no longer handling the steering wheel. It could go out of control. While unlikely with most modern irl vehicles short of the wheels hitting something to cause this. You could go out of control for a number of reasons. I just took it as crap luck as I attempted the jump lol

On a side note, what really pissed me off was my latest death. I was in an APC driving back and forth in front of a national guard base. Drawing out the robot guards inside. As I was making my way to run a few over. One opens fire and the plate armor of the vehicle was completely ignored and it instantly killed me.

That and something I haven’t determined yet is STILL ctd my game in cities…which is incredibly annoying and unplayable. =(


MOOOOOOOOOOSE!!! it killed me


Grenade hack from a zombie grenadier. apparently the laser rifle takes a really long time to aim, so I couldn’t shoot it down.


My last major character accidentally drove into a river because I was holding down 5 on the num pad and reading something on my phone at the same time. Very embarrassing, that one.

I’ve since started many characters that managed to get themselves killed, usually by running into enemies well before they could handle them. Like this new “unseeing zombie” thing that I figured would be easy meat but uh… no. No it was not. At all.


I got killed in a interesting way due to my stupidity. I was in a lab just got a control laptop and was hacking all the bots on my way through entered a storage room and I saw a light walked into the light like a retard and realised a few seconds too late the light was from a MIL spec turret. Hacked everything else though.
RIP Jim the Hackerman.


I should have put this here…


6 times in a row with ctd’s and being too soon to save the game each time. No closer to finding what causes it either…sigh.


This wasn’t my most recent death, but my most recent notable death was a rather… quick one.

Start in Evacuee scenario as default profession
Nothing in basement save for doors and benches. I expected nothing yet somehow it still disapointed me.
Hear things going on outside
Open west window curtains
Massive cluster**** of mycus and fungal bois to the west of the shelter.
Close curtain.
Look through northern windows
More of them nearby to the north, this might be an issue
Close curtain.
Check west
There’s more of them to the west, If there’s any to the south i’m as good as d…
Close window, check south window… there’s more to the south.
All really close, and there’s a metric ****ton of them

My next keystrokes are: Q Y Y


Those are fun starts, the epic quest to find some antifungal drugs. May I suggest the fungus fighter mod? It adds a few more ways to clear up an infection, both internal and external.


I died most recently to surprise jabberwok in my bed. I went to sleep in my LMOE shelter I found in the woods and I closed all the doors jabberwok walked through my ceiling apparently(door was fine and closed) and he crawled into bed with me. Well I wake up to it kicking me out of bed across the room. Then I pull my shotgun out and fire two shots at it and run out the door. Well I was reloading when this came up “The terrifying visage of the jabberwok freezes you in place” while loading my next shell and then I got YOU ARE DEAD WANNA WATCH?
I then had a sheltered start in the very same shelter jabberwok is there and very angry he bashed up the place hard.


I too died by surprise Jabberwocky.

I was using the alternate map key, and confused the marker for the quest giver for the location of the Jabberwocky. The quest giver, incidentally, threw himself under my car moments later.