How did you last die?


Minding my own business. Heading home. Clear an intersection, “You are being targeted by a laser.” Well crap, turn around. Next turn. BOOM! Would you like to watch your final moments?


That happened to me once too. It was a ruined building i never saw before. I presume its upper level was ruined too, so when i climbed up i immediately fell down. I survived and left the place.


Lol yeah, it just seems odd the way it’s handled. You’d think a simple “The upper floor appears blocked off” would suffice.


The damage for falling a single story seems a little overtuned. I could see taking that much damage from 2 or 3 stories up, but not from one story.


RIP Donna Edge, you’ll be missed.

Donna Edge was a simple challenge character because I hadn’t done a new character in quite a few experimentals. Her goal was to survive as a vegetarian for one year with 30 day seasons. Not 90 because I don’t have that kind of time, you guys
She was doing pretty well, and had basically cleared her home town of Limerick, and built a sizable garden around her modest home, harvesting a lot of food by mid Autumn.
A week back she was riding her bike-with-an-engine, the MopEdge, past the police station, when the forgotten eye bot that was spawned by zombies setting off the alarm a season back flew up and took her picture – maybe her companion, Sarita Maher, shouldn’t have been brandishing that combat knife!

Nothing seemed to appear, but the next day a police bot appeared while they were looting on foot, and chased them. They briefly hopped into a car, but the initial idea to wait inside (remember Rodney King’s advice: stay in your car!) until dark was nixed by the fact that it was 8AM, not 8PM, plus the bot began smashing the car, so they jumped out the far side, fled through some buildings and just managed to escape.
Donna spent several days working on her neglected electronics skill, and at the end wound up with a whopping two EMP grenades!
They went back and tossed one at the police bot. It nearly missed, only catching the bot with the edge of the blast, and then it was on top of her, but it was badly damaged enough to be brought low by a swift kick from martial artist Donna.
Turning back, the eyebot was then shot from a distance by Sarita. A quick drive around the vicinity showed no other robots, and all seemed well. Donna worked on her throwing skill to prevent that kind of sloppy throw in the future.
Two days later, however, a previously unseen riot bot came rushing down the alley between two buildings blaring its alarms. Seeing one chance for a perfect shot, Donna tossed her last EMP grenade, and nailed it – the bot was just one tile away from the grenade when it went off! Unfortunately, that didn’t stop the thing. (Have EMP grenades gotten weaker, or bots gotten stronger? I seem to recall killing Secubots with EMP grenades before) It rushed up at her and attempted to arrest her. She managed one good strike before the combo of relaxation and tear gas made her ineffective. Nearly blinded, she ran – she couldn’t get much distance from the bot, but she did get ahead of its gas cloud enough to see Sariita, and tell her to shoot the damned thing. Two bangs and an explosion later, it was gone and the cloud of gas clearing.
But the damage had been done, the tear gas used in those last dreadful days before the end was much nastier than before, and despite being in fresh air, Donna continued coughing and choking for the next five or ten agonizing minutes, until she finally choked to death. Tear gas needs a nerf

Goodbye, Donna, it’s a shame you never even got to paint your house.


Emergency oxygen tanks are underrated.


Imagine trying to swim with 50 kilo of stuff on your ass.
Yep, that’s me. :sunglasses:


Yeah, I thought about that. I was trying to get home where I had one, it was only like ten tiles away, but I didn’t make it. My torso was in the red by the time I got out of the cloud, and then I had to get to the moped with my speed lowered.

But it’s moot, because I just tried it in testing, and the oxygen tank doesn’t even fix it. So tear gas is currently even more stupidly lethal than I thought, and paired with the relaxation gas slowing you down and taking turns away it’s ridiculous.


Yo what? That’s insane. I could have sworn it cleared up basically all coughing/choking effects. The CDDA government using lethal doses of tear gas on rioters actually does explain some things though.


Started a Bad Day. Spawned right next to a first aid kit. Wow, this one’s going to be great!

Hmm, NOTHING to wear in sight, NPC has a flamethrower, LOTS of zombies… OK, RUN!

No problem, get to second house… another first aid kit! WOW!!!

And still NOTHING to wear. Boxers. Yay.

House is completely surrounded from the noise of the first house going up like a candle (thanks moron with a flamethrower), shockers, acid, smokers… and a hulk. Day 1.

The RNG giveth and the RNG taketh away, I guess. Very strange.


Starting character with a burning building scenario. Ran away from the starting town because of a nearby infestation of acid ants, I recently encountered one on another character and they’re worse than spitters don’t want a recently created character running into a whole swarm. Spent the night in a cabin that was in bad shape and headed out for a new town to try and get some looting in. Hit by a pack of runners in open territory with nothing to lure them into to slow them down. I managed to kill them with the crude sword I’d made the night before. Limped into the town in bad shape and headed into the pharmacy to look for some painkillers and a little food where I was cornered by shrieker and a smoker and the last shreds of my life ripped away.


Fleeing from a shocker brute on day 3 I stumbled into giant wasps. RIP former survivor


Shia Lebouf got to me


Burning building start, wasp house. DOA. Everywhere there wasn’t fire there were giant wasps.


Found a katana and thought I could take on the world.
How naive I was.


I died in a rather odd way.

It started like a normal missed scenario in a boarded up house. Well I was crafting in the middle of my house with a fire going next to me. Well a skeletal hulk heard it through the walls and decided to say hi. It proceeded to Kool-Aid man through the wall and bee lined me. It then butch slapped me into and through the wall. He kept doing this will the house collapsed on him. Oddly enough survived all that only to die from the horde outside all while buried under rubble.

This character had I think 10 strength and tough and thick skinned. Not sure if those saved him from the walls.


Car crash at 240, their was a stain.


Rolled a randomly created MD who was illiterate. Couldn’t pass that up… Wasn’t thinking to activate the brazier & just dropped it and loaded up a bunch of wood… I like to think the smoke inhalation let him go peacefully instead of feeling the searing heat. Guess Dr no-read was about as smart as me afterall.


New player here, played on stable with my very first character, spawned, took 5 steps outside the shelter, then ran back inside and slammed the door in the face of a Jabberwock, which proceeded to claw its way through and tear me to pieces. My NEXT character somehow spawned in the EXACT SAME SHELTER, with the Jabberwock STILL INSIDE. Started with a gun that time though, so the Jabberwock got filled with holes.


There’s usually only one shelter in the map.