How did you last die?


Better road kill than Jabberwocky scratching post…

I’ve been running Knights lately, if you can get them something warm to wear under the armor pretty quick, they can actually hold up quite well. Apparently they have a weakness to tear gas. Especially when it’s still in the canister. That’s all I can assume happened, I never actually saw what shot me or what it shot.

I was pedaling along on my electric bicycle and suddenly went blind, coinciding with a lot of torso damage and extreme pain. I hit the ebrake and jump off, intending to run away into the darkness, but am stopped suddenly by a horrible coughing fit. So horrible in fact, that it kills me. This was almost another ‘smoking kills’ death, but I’m still not entirely sure what killed me. I know tear gas makes you blind, but I didn’t know you could get shot with the canister, and that’s the only scenario that seems to fit. I wish I had a picture of the message log


Teargas is stupidly OP right now.


There was a Mi-Go right outside my starting shelter. Needless to say it either brutally murdered me or put my brain in a jar to get me out of this hellhole.


Wander spawn, there was a bunch of zombies right in front of a tank. I decided to shoot a frag but it was a BIG mistake more kept coming. The inevitable came because I didnt have a good helmet


Shooting 40mm grenade launcher (frag) mounted on turret with zero launcher skills.
It exploded about 2-3 tiles from me instead in the middle of group of zombies.


I almost killed myself like that yesterday, trying to blast a smoker zombie who was hanging around my motel. My saving grace was in the Mk19 being loaded with concussive, rather than frag. My last death was still grenade-related, though. Yet another smoker zombie, I had two grenades in my inventory, wielded one and armed it… and then threw the inactive one at him.


Goes into lab in someone’s basement. Find good loot. No turrets or enemies, Huh. Looting time!
I go through a few rooms, “Huh, what’s with the lack of turrets”. Opens one more door with safe mode off, goes in, Turret is there. Turret guns me down.


take a guess



must be 20 chars…


Zombie hulk killing me in my sleep. Went back to my old base whit my new character, the hulk was still there, and there and he broke most of the stuff inside my base.

Funny think is that there was wall broken, only a windows giving up on a walled garden. So either he spawned in my base or he climbed over the wall. Nice :D.


Oooo that suck. Had 4 character die because of a tank robots that spawned next to the shelter. I kept forgetting to change the start location and i kept spawning at the same one.


Think I figured out my ctd deaths. I fiddled with my load order and I haven’t crashed in 2 days even once, go figure >_>

PS- Chicken walkers and 1 tank nailed me my last 3 deaths. Those little turds are gnarly folks. I was in a heavy rain storm and the last one was off screen in black. Nailed me coming down the street even though I hadn’t even seen it. Apparently the range on them is pretty decent. As it perhaps should be, being a robot and all. I just watch a Boston Robotics video of 2 dog robots open a door. One with an arm just casually opened the door. Let the other go through and entered and was easy looking. Pretty amazing.