Hobo Needs to Be a Harder Starting Profession

As it stands now, if you don’t pick the Hobo starting profession you are kind of dumb. All you have to do to survive the addiction is drink your whiskey until you secure a house or two with a bed and pots and pans and some clothes, stockpile clean water and strawberries/blueberries, go cold turkey and sleep off the delirium/shakes and then the inevitable cold/influenza. After about a week you’ll be fit to fight with a build that now has 4 penalty free trait points.

In earlier builds the Hobo profession didn’t start with whiskey, this made the profession much more terrifying as you had to secure the starting houses (with their precious pots and pans and water) under the effect of delirium tremens/shakes. That definitely made the four points a hard fought victory, particularly if you have a glass cannon build like I do (starting intelligence 20).

The Prostitute profession, with the same +4 point bonus, has a MUCH greater peril, because if you don’t secure stimulants with the first 12-24 hours you will most certainly die from cardiac arrest. This is so dangerous for a glass cannon build, which is forced to rush drug stores/hospitals in high heels that I actually would ask the devs to maybe tone DOWN the difficultly of the prostitute. Never asked for lowered difficultly yet lol

I’d be a fan of the single-use drug in the inventory - very last pill in the bottle type deal. That’s not enough to get by on but stave off demise at least.

Also I think launching your campaign of survival an entire season late must have some inherent difficulty to it. Good points regarding the balance of both classes all the same.

Actually the thing were you die from not taking stimulants is not really intended. The addiction strength needs to be toned down. Also pro tip sleeping removes some of the depressant stat and craving stuff, depressants also make it much easier to sleep.

I’m happy with my shower victim prof.

I don’t consider it a dumb decision at all.

Yeah i figured there was some way around it, but I have somehow despite 100 deaths not spoiled the game and gone to the wiki. I am always torn about posting critiques on the forum and github, as usually the issues I raise are half about balance and half about me being derp. For example I’ve been fanatically lobbying for a craftable cloth hat to stave off crippling early illness for my glass cannons, only to find out that body temp has nothing to do with ambient disease. Lol, at least 50 of my deaths were related to furious town rushes trying to find a hat before “chilly” sets in.

In your defense, the wiki has a lot of holes in it still that make spoiling the game harder.

To be honest I love the new professions. Hobo most of all.

Hobo + Drunken boxing = Why bother going cold turkey at all? :smiley: