Poll: Most/Least Used Profession

[size=8pt]This poll lists every single profession that is currently featured in the game as of v0.9RC. That is a total of fifty choices to pick from when creating your character. Many arguments could be had about the current system. Some good and some bad. However, the purpose of this poll is to try to find out what the most chosen ones are and why. Maybe this could serve as a basis for helping improve the ones that lack, well, whatever it is they may be lacking. You only get one vote so choose wisely. If you could also spare a few extra minutes as to leave a comment as to why you prefer this profession over the others, it would be welcomed though not a prerequisite to vote.[/size]

I have chosen the Chain Smoker since the profession system was introduced. With only (generally) minor items given, the amount of points spent on a profession didn’t seem to outweight the otherwise unattainable maximums that a point into a stat would give. Such as why I choose a profession that allows more points to put into stats at only the cost of a minor detriment, the nicotine addiction, which has a few drawbacks should I run out of cigarettes, but otherwise give an almost constant mood boost.

Most of the time I will simply roll over professions, but when I do select them I go with Bow Hunter - that extra point in Survival and Archery is handy.

Hobo! If I’m going to be an alcoholic I’m going to do it right and cut strait to a heavy addiction.
Drink your whiskey like a man! Bash zombies with the bottle!

Hobo for power gaming, chain smoker for easier lower powered gaming. Spending points to get items I can scavenge fairly easy or points I could spend myself on skills seems a little silly. Though I pretty much always go cold turkey right off the bat, ive tried with prostitute, but 25 speed is a little to hard to get past.

My last 2 hobos have had military corpses right outside the shelter, so I had backpack, helmet and gun right off the bat, why spend points?

Hobo is by far the best. the Health statmay take a big hit with the withdrawal, but in the end they are the only profession worth chosing. And when you have 14 in almost every stat, a cold won’t stop you.

I wish the other professions had other long-term benefits or drawbacks, else they might as well not exist.

I tend to use bionic patient lately, the +20 to strength when you use the hydraulic muscles is incredibly useful, it can let a new char can bush-kite-kill a brute.

Shower victim. Clothes can be easily found, and an extra point is always welcome. I usually put my points into stats and traits, rarely skills. I was also thinking about Baseball player, because he has a bat and coming out of the shelter with a nail bat is awesome, but then again, a baseball bat can be easily found.

I like taking bow hunter for the archery boost, or bionic patient for Metabolic Interchange off the bat. Don’t really feel like dealing with the negative/addicted occupations during the early days.

I usually don’t bother with professions, but I really liked “Ghost” for an invincible character during the haloween release

I chose Tailor because I’ve used this profession many times for the sewing kit, I find maintaining clothes to be very important early-on.
Again, I don’t have a special rule to follow every time I play. It is about how I want to role-play or what items I want from the start that determine what profession I would choose.

My last two characters were shower victims because I like to go “naked” and go hardcore.

I like shower victim because I find it amusing. However, I find the whole profession system in particular, and the point system in general, to be disingenuous at best and frequently bizarre (professional electrician knows as much about electronics as somebody who spends thirty minutes disassembling and reassembling a flashlight, etc). When I built my last character I just set the available points to maximum, build the character I wanted to play, and threw away whatever points I wasn’t using. As far as character generation goes, the only things that matter are stats and traits. Low-level skills can be acquired in less than an ingame hour. Starting skills are just flavor.

I can say the same for tailoring. The whole fitting and repairing is very difficult for anyone not tried tailoring before to accomplish in mere hours, even for novices.

I use all kinds of professions, but Punk Rock Girl is my favorite. I like having a starting kit with some personality.

Goddamit my eyes, thought poll was about the least used profession, not the most -_-
Anyway, voted for car salesman. Usually go with survivalist.

Kicking a smoking habit isn’t that rough and the extra point is nice. So, the non-smoking chain smoker.

Shower victim, mainly because that sounds like my luck. …Though more accurately it’d be more along the lines of on the can and suddenly THE DOOR IS BEING BEATEN DOWN, FML

Failed Android FTW! Love the ramshackle cyborg surviving the apocalypse idea. Although honestly you should get at -least- a point for it, because the noisemaker is absolutely crippling for sleep/stealth.

[size=8pt]Well this poll serves not only as a basis to see which professions are used the most but also which professions are not. At a glance you can easily tell, on average, which ones are used over the others. I was going to add an option for those, like me, who just create their own but then that would have diminished the purpose of this poll.

As it stands, I look for professions that offer some personality to them over and as someone mentioned earlier in the thread, the punk rocker start has some of that. Hopefully this poll will give the developers (or contributors) an idea on where to go as far as professions are concerned.[/size]

Hobo for the sweet, juicy points.