Make your own Profession

Okay lets breakout the creativity!

I want you to think of your own Profession you would like to see in the game!

all you need is to state what the profession is, its pro’s, and cons, and how much points it would cost to get it.
oh and a bio describing it.

This is just for fun btw :stuck_out_tongue:

Town Drunk
point cost:-1
Start Drunk, and with alcohol addiction.

How is it you survived when everyone else did not? You sure don’t remember, hell your still drunk of your ass. Maybe you should lay off the booze?

Avid reader
point cost 2
Start with some random books and the fast reader trait.
You were going to return some books when it all went wrong, at least you wont be bored in the evac shelter.

Riot Gear Cop
Points Cost: 5
Start with USP 9mm, 9mm(25), Utility vest, holster, Riot helmet, morale -5
You were fighting the undead in the streets when they overwhelmed all. You fled while you still could leaving others to die.

Point cost: 5
** in mechanics
Starts with wrench, hammer, hacksaw, screwdriver, jumpsuit, utility vest

Apocalypse caught you on your way home from work. You probably won’t be able to fix this. but at least you have your toolkit.

Fast food worker.
2 points
dress shirt , pants , dress shoes , butcher knife.
You noticed something was wrong when people tried to eat you instead of the food.

1 point
dress shirt , jeans , dress shoes , bottle of disinfectant , rubber gloves , mop.
It was just a temporary job , until you saw the blood.

Point cost: 4

  • in cutting weapons
  • in construction
    Starts with wood axe, wood saw, light jacket, t-shirt, jeans, steeltoed boots, helmet

You are prepared and waiting for your buddy to pick you up for today’s shift, but he’s nowhere to be seen. Don’t worry, seems you’ll have a lot of stuff to chop today.

Actually, when it comes to professions I think it would benefit the game to remove the point costs. That way new players could choose a stronger one (like a soldier or police officer) in order to get a more forgiving start and experienced players could choose ones that are weaker for more of a challenge.

This is something that ADOM does well I think with strong classes like the wizard and archer that can do well in the hands of a new player, then mid-tier ones like the ranger and all the way down to whipping boys like the merchant that you’d need to be a very good or lucky player to win with.

Party Animal: -4 Cost

Start with killer hangover (-2 INT, -2 PER, random pains, lose thirst faster, wears off in 8-16 hours). Start with no clothes or items, except a traffic cone, worn on the head. (+3 head and eye encumberance, 15 bashing/cutting protection for the head)

“You remember vaguely going to a party last night, after the tenth beer it all gets a little hazy…”

Mail deliverer.
point cost:2
dress shirt , jeans , baseball cap , sneakers , messenger bag , US weekly.
*it would be epic to also get a bicycle spawn near the shelter.
You woke up early as always , but unlike every other morning , the streets were crowded.

point cost:1
dress shirt , shorts , dress shoes , fanny pack.
*calcium overdose - your bones and teeth are stronger than rock.
The next morning after last delivery , you noticed most milk bottles were left untouched.

[quote=“woflsipder, post:9, topic:2196”]Milkman.
point cost:1
dress shirt , shorts , dress shoes , fanny pack.
*calcium overdose - your bones and teeth are stronger than rock.
The next morning after last delivery , you noticed most milk bottles were left untouched.[/quote]

Milkmen are practicly inexistant nowadays… what makes you think they’'d be around in 2030? xD

Friendless Virgin Computer Programmer
Computer 20
Electronics 8
Mechanics: 1

Negative Trait:
Fatty : negative 10 quick
Acne: Big penalty talking to people. especially opposite sex
No Social Skills: Has Mood swings and feels jittery if near other people too long
Sickly: More likely to catch diseases
Allergies: can break out sneezing and make alot of noise
Snores: sleeps loudly

Weak: -2 Str
Clumsy: -2 dex

Positive Trait:
Nerd: +2 intelligence

Items: Hack, Radio, random electronics gear, playboy/playgirl (depending on gender), mittens (from mom), sneaks, probaly some other stuff.

-3 points

I wanted to ask, is it possible to change your spawn? Because then we could have some proffesions that would spawn you at different places.

@sicarus: no. I posted a suggestion about that.

Yoga Instructor

Dex +2

Negative Traits:
Vegan: no animal products for you
Yoga Addict: Must do yoga (1.5 hours) every day or suffer morale issues and mood swings

Positive Traits:
Fast Healer, Robust Genetics, Night Vision, Unarmed Talent (pick one), Quick,Barefoot runner (+2 to moving when barefoot)

Starting Items: Yoga Tights (not the see through kind, but fitted and warm), Yoga World Magazine(large morale boost for reading), 10 Veggie Burgers.

Points +2

DoomsDay Prepper
Start in a stocked LMOE Shelter

Random set of crafting skills. Randomize it a bit to make each start a little different. no higher than 3 in any. Weight to be about 1 in several.

Perception +2

Negative Traits:
Voices in Your Head (preppers are a little off. Voices may tell your character to do odd things. Morale hit if you dont listen)
Picked on (10% of zombies are people who used to laugh at you for being a prepper. You get a morale bonus for killing them. if you dont kill them in 10 turns after seeing them you take a morale hit)
Trigger Happy (you really doubt this?)
Mood Swings (bipolar)

Positive Traits:
Night Vision
Start with 2 bionics
Unarmed (pick one)
Bonus HP
Know your real HP
Giddy (big morale boost early. You are so happy the end of the world is FINALLY HERE)

Items: Longbow, Random Gun, Kevlar, Army Helmet, Playboy, Crowbar

Cost +5 points

point cost: 0
t shirt , pants , socks , astronaut suit , nitrogen propulsion system (for EVA’s).
*starts out in the international space station.
You signed up for this project to get a free ride and see what most people will never see. Instead you see only dead space and cold silence from earth.

we need to come up with some good ‘regular people’ professions and/or people who may not be prepared for the walking dead. it would add comic relief and challenge games. some ideas. any ideas on how to start them and where? you can add a comical twist to them.

couch potatoe
house husband (its 2013)
wallstreet stock broker
trial lawyer
migrant fruit picker (this guy would probably be in good shape for the end of the world)
postal worker (going postal…)
mafia boss
drug dealer
psychiatrist (might try to counsel the walking dead)
small town mayor (sarah palin might do well )
NFL Offensive Lineman (probably need to increase appetite)
Cheerleader (good morale)
Eagle Scout
Professional Computer Game Player
Repo Man

It is possible to put these in yourself you know. And if you want to you can have them pulled into the main on github.

To make them yourself just open up the professions.json in the data/raw folder where your cataclysm game is saved. Look at the other entries to see how they are formatted and you can learn how best to make your own. If you have any questions on how to put in more variables (like increased starting hunger for the Lineman) just post it on the forums. We can always help.

Also, to get them pulled onto github, you have to … talk to a different person.

I agree , adding riot police or soldier is just cheap.
Well they could be added , but it just makes the game too easy and removes the surviving part of the game (as i know , if i get a gun at the start i can suvive most anything (smokers and skeletons are still somewhat problems)).

thanks otaku. I am going to post a mod quetsion in the mod forum for you.