High zombie spawns should not lower other spawns

It appears that jacking up zombie spawns lowers animal spawns since animal spawns are dynamic. This is from a post by Kevin Granade. I don’t think that raising some spawn variable should lower something else. I want lots of stuff.

i had expected that increasing spawns by 4x would increase everything… in a common ratio. Im ok with it not increasing animals, but… i dont want them lowered because of it.

understandable and I support it wholeheartedly. tired of fungal spires causing all the squirrels to go away


maybe i am one of the only people who likes to jack up zombie spawns? I find that raising zombies leading to lower other types of spawns to be very unappealing and makes me not want to raise the zombie spawn.

  1. They only interact if they are in the same area, so wildlife will generally not spawn in cities for example, but it has nothing to do with the spawn rate outside of a town. If you’re 3+ overmap tiles away from the nearest city building, there will be no effect of having higher static spawn rate.

  2. Please stop posting the same issue in multiple different threads, making a dedicated thread after it was posted as semi-off-topic and ignored in one thread is perfectly fine, but once there’s a dedicated thread, posting about it elsewhere because you think it’s not getting enough attention is not cool.

Regardless of post etiquette, it is an important issue as it seems extremely strange (although possibly a slight reduction in other spawns could be a good way of showing that zombies have eaten stuff)

There is no reduction in wildlife spawns based on the zombie multiplier. I am not sure what issue is actually being complained about here, since that does not happen.

when i experiment with higher zombie spawns, i seem to get less wildlife. i2amroy confirmed this in another post.

what are ‘3 overland maps’. how far is that?

sorry about the spam.

If you bring up the map, each glyph is a single overmap square, so a house or a section of street, or a shop. Also roughly 70 player-sized squares.

The alternative is to have deer and squirrels and crap crammed in with the zombies, and also it would make even more animals, fungals, triffids, etc spawn, it’s part of the self-limiting of dynamic spawn.

Finally we really don’t want to mess with it that much because what I really want to do is just replace the whole thing.