Does the spawn multiplier cut down on wildlife spawns

Made this thread and got a response saying this may be so. I started with 4x zombies and 6 for cities (default was 4).

There seem to be alot less rabbits. I do remember there was some discussion on the forums about reducing rabbit spawns. Have rabbit spawns been reduced? Can the spawn multiplier affect it?

what does spawn multiplier affect? My starter shelter is surrounded by 50-100 fungaloids from the start. are fungaloids increased as part of the spawn multiplier? How does wildlife fit in?

Broke this out to a new thread since I want to key on this 1 question about how the spawn option works.

The spawn density only directly adjusts density of statically spawned monsters, which is only zombies.
It might indirectly supress dynamic spawns, because dynamic spawns throttle themselves based on the number of active monsters, regardless of how they were spawned. For example I’d expect to basically never see wildlife in a town with high zombie spawns, unless you’ve killed all the zombies anyway.

responded in my .8 is harder thread since I saw kevin’s post there first… Here is what I said.

"“Basically to correct for this we need to scale back the number of specials such as triffid hearts and fungal spires based on the available wilderness area.”

NO DONT DO THAT. This is so cool. I have played this game for a long time. I like it hard. Do you have any idea how fun it is to leave my shelter and be surrounded and have to actually be worried constantly? If your new to the game, you don’t want that cause its too hard.

About the animal spawns. Maybe we can add options so that we dont cut back on animal spawns when monster spawns come out, so you can get both? Eventually someone can make a mod or something where say fungaloids attack animal spawns (there is a Skyrim mod called ‘skytest’ that has animal interaction like this you may want to look at).

I only increased the city size from ‘4’ which is the default to 6. So a 50% bump was enough? That kind of makes sense since there are alot of towns anyway. I do like the increased fungus. The downside to less rabbits is more of a hassle factor. Harder to get throwing up. Harder to get food. But its not that bad.

Please dont make this game easier. Try to kill me. Been playing a Roguelike called ‘elona’ recently. There are 2 english lets play videos (japanese game with english translation so bigger in japan). First video starts with ‘this game will kick you in the balls’, the second starts with ‘this game hates you’. Make the game hate me. "