Animal spawn changes in .9

Not complaining. Just trying to understand the mechanics. I created a world with 4x spawns and left the city size at 1.0. I noticed a very large decrease in squirrel/rabbit spawns. is this affected by the increase in zombies? I saw posts about reducing animal spawns and about redoing how animal spawned.

in the .8 version, I remember we discussed reduction in these spawns when I increased the zombie spawn and the city size.

Yea, animals are still on dynamic spawn, which factors in how many monsters are active when it triggers, so if there are a ton of zombies in the area, not many wild animals will spawn. That sounds like it’s what’s happening at least.

i think the animal spawn should be separate from the zombie spawn. id still like to see lots of animals even if the zombies go up.

I think dynamic spawns should be independent of the static spawns. I dont like that you get less other spawns by increasing zombies. its kind of counter to the point. I just want more stuff around.

Spawn limits are external factors forced onto a game. The game can only run so fast with that many things to track pathing, intent, and health on, and computers will freak out if they start being overstressed.

It makes sense to me in-game, though. If there’s a bunch of hostile abominations against life in an area, the wildlife is probably going to stay away from there.