Animal spawn changes in .9

STarted a new world with 1.0 zombies. So did not increase it. I am not seeing any rabbits or squrrels. I know there were spawning changes. were rabbits/squirrels, etc… reduced or something?

As usual, animals spawn each day and increase with noise, and because there is way more type of animals now, it’s very likely you won’t find much (if any) squirrel.
There is new small game anyway, like rat.

so if i want more animals for hunting i should turn on a radio or noise emitter in the wilds?

I was most of the time scavenging a wood nearby, and iv seen a hudge difference if i was using my vehicule or not; It was like every time i was using it, very soon i could see more animals nearby.
spawning can be somewhat in a large area, but often I don’t see anything after ±5 square (in the map) around where i make my base (so noise from car/ making stuff).

Maybe other guys could give you more detailed information about it, 'cuze it mostly what i noticed and maybe not exactly how it work.

Oh, and don’t forget to kill every dude you see, because game avoid spawn if there is too much guys around. And don’t be near town if you have set dynamic spawn of Z, or they will “eat” the slot of enemies.

Dynamic spawning means it’ll take a while for animals to show up. Just hole up for a few days and you’ll soon be overwhelmed with them.

Just turn spawn option to 0.0, you’ll get all the animals you could ever want! :wink: