Hard and hardcore mods

One day I wondered why zombies can’t damage me if I’m wearing just clothes. I looked it up and…
Zombie. 2-6 damage. Not even funny, in 5/6 cases hit in the head can be stopped by reinforced balaclava. These may or may not be realistic, but I care little about realism in this game. I care about fun.
And so, I looked up the fast zombies mod and attempted to create something more resembling higher difficulties.
Link is provided below.


There is two mods: “Hard difficulty” and "Hardcore difficulty"
Hard difficulty just triples the melee damage of enemies as well as adding 3 points of dodge and +50% hp.
Hardcore difficulty is much more !!FUN!!. Quintupled melee damage, doubled hp, added armor (+4, then result is increased by 25%), +4 to melee skill, +6 to dodge. And only +10 to speed, so retreat is still an option.

However, I’m not very sure if all of this works properly. +HP and damage does, though. Have fun, provide suggestions and feel free to criticize.