Difficulty settings

hey there, i’ve a little suggestions about the difficulty at top layer.

After some time, i feel like a god, a few leather piece and you re invincible … after 5 in dodge with less that 2 encoumbance and you re a matrix master … it s really boring, only firearm are lethal and a few unique monster…
If i want some challenge in Whatever the place, i daily decrease my stats and i never wear more than 1 stage of cloth (and never survivor stuff)
Making a setting panel where we can adjust some setting like monster damage, armour durability and armor value, eventualy set limits for accurate skills (like dodge / mélé / firearm … while keeping forgetting system ) could be a really nice feature.

I think it could be a really great thing to satisfy a lot of people and maker run hardier and more exciting.

I apologise for my english, i deal Shakespeare for Moliere at my birthday.

With all my cheers for job already done and for other great update you are making :slight_smile:

In my opinion the difficulty should be handled diffrerently. The current meele system seems uh odd? I mean i can easily punch a z to deat h with no training what so ever. You can meele a zombiehulk with barehands with mediocre difficulty. I don t even need mutations to be efficient in close quarters unarmed.
It just Doesn t feel right that i canbarehandedly kill some obstacles. While i think its still okay that i should be able to steamrole generic Z with some armour and decent skill in a 1v1 fight. The fighting seems unrealistic thats my problem. If the current enemies would pose a reasonable threat to the player, like a bear in rl does to a human , then i would be happy. Adjusting the difficulty myself doesn t feel satisfying somehow :confused:

If you are acutally meleeing zombie hulks with your bare hands and no training, that is either a bug, or you’re a little exaggerating.

Also, there are more than enough threats in this game already. If you really think there is no challenge there area already a wagon-load of ways to increase difficulty:

  • Increase zombie spawn (!) (and city size, perhaps)
  • Decrease item spawn
  • Take difficult professions
  • Start in a town during daytime
  • Take restrictive traits (!)
  • Go to hard places: Labs, military stuff, bunkers, fema camps, mines, etc.

I believe those are porbably not even all the ways to make the game harder.
Also, there are plenty of longterm goals that a player can set him/herself. Of course you need some creativity for that.

Bundling certain settings into different levels of difficulties seems unneccessary to me, but might make the game more approachable for new players, who just want to see “familiar” settings.

i meant to say that i was meeleing regular zombies without any training weapon or armor with ease not zombie hulks.Ican still kill those with some armor and mediocre skill lvl in hand to hand combat.
And furthermore i said that i do not realy like to adjust the difficulty myself. Its not to easy cause to few zombies are spawning or because my character was created to powerfull at the start. In my opinion its to easy because the regular zombies lack the abillity to somewhat team up on you making a horde fight realistic.
And the thing about z hulks : They do nowhere feel close to an enemy that can easily punch down concrete walls… they should be deadlier in meele.Even the generic bear as said before feels to weak. If that aspect was more realistic it would already be harder. Now if biting a bear to death with a apropirate mutation was feasable or slicing it up with a bionic claw thatwould feel much more satisfying then : Oh i have this n this bionic/mutation but heck i dun even remotly need it to kill a predator that is pretty deadly in real life.

I can’t kill a hulk with 2 melee skill barehanded and regular clothes idk what drugs you are smoking (ingame).
Bears still wreck me even though I have a machete too.

Well meele 2 is not mediocre … iconsider that beeing at beginer lvl if you take books as a reference where the beginner books go up to lvl 3.
And i do not consider clothes to be armor at all (even though they act as armor) . When I am saying armor i actually mean pieces that are meant to protect you like leather armore arm/shin guard kevlar vest etc.
I killed a z hulk with handtohand lvl 6 evasion 2 a leather vest helmet and tactical gloves some clothing str 8 dex 10 w/o using anything but my hands as a weapon.
I got injured somewhat in the fight but it nowhere near felt like fighting a giant monster zombie that breaks through walls.
The fights flow was dictated by me as i pretty much stunlocked that hulk n slaped him arround the place.

So your saying that martial arts is overpowered and doesn’t take a zombie hulk’s connotation into consideration.

I propose we edit the hulk to be somewhat resistant to martial art stuns and such.

[quote=“Cherry, post:7, topic:7234”]So your saying that martial arts is overpowered and doesn’t take a zombie hulk’s connotation into consideration.

I propose we edit the hulk to be somewhat resistant to martial art stuns and such.[/quote]

Yes it should meet resistance from certain enemies. from hulks for example just because they are so big. And Martial arts are meant to be used against other humans … maybe animals. Its just hard for me to imagine myself punching a bear which in turn is stunned. they got a thick skull and overall more durable body then the average human has so it should be much harder to stun them. As far as i know its asdifficult to stun a cat (if it has enough hp to not die instead xD) asstunning a hulk , theres absolutly no difference … at least i didn t notice any.

I, too, agree martial art stuns should be nerfed. Boxing can chain stun to death bio operators if you get first hit. If you break 10 unarmed, you start cross countering every single hit.

There’s your problem. 10 skill is the cap for our purposes.

You’re a profesional level martial artist and have high-end gear and can defeat high-level enemies… working as intended?
Stun in particular probably needs some nerfing, and we have some planned mechanics for making mobs of zombies more dangerous, but your examples need some work.

The problem is I was doing that long before then. If you get first hit, you can stun lock an entire crowd with only the occasional back pedal to buy a second.

So use the example when it started being OP instead of when it’s supposed to be OP. We don’t know your whole backstory, just what you tell us, and from what you’ve said so far it sounds like you just have a pretty advanced character and know how to use it.

Yeah, with a decent martial art style you can quickly beat regular zombies to pulp.

One thing that we have to take into account though, is that martial arts are utterly useless against some threats, like turrets, (many) robots, NPCs with guns, unless you have a good positioning and tough armour.

Still, nerfing the stuns seems appropriate.

I boxed a shaggoth and jabberwock down with 7 unarmed, boxing, and a punch dagger.

Boxing is amazing. Have you seen it with monomeleular blade?

i never even tried that but i asume it would result in even more carnage :stuck_out_tongue:

i used tigerstyle unarmed with the str bionic with str over 20 and did like 150 dmg on first hit :3
i should try with that blade xD

Sadly I’m yet to get a mono. However, I can break 250 damage using my adamantine claws and the oh-so-broken pneumatic muscles.

You mean working.

Because that’s what there’re meant to do.

Give strength.