Good backround music for CDDA?

Howdy all, this is bolth a personal request and one for the game in general, i tend to do videos on CDDA and as things stand now i use Approaching nirvana for the background music, obviously this doesn’t really fit the “post apocalyptic zombies everywhere” theme and i was wondering if anyone knows some good dark royalty free music that i can use for CDDA, if not ive also been considering finding someone to create it which obviously in and of itself would probably cost abit depending on who i manage to find but as a side note along these lines as well, what do you listen to wile playing CDDA?
And of course it would be epic of there was a actual “sound engine” to change ingame tracks depending on area/whats happening but that would probably be a insane amount of work :stuck_out_tongue:

as long as you don’t monetize your videos, i don’t think it matters what music you use.
But keep in mind that your viewers might not agree with your choices, no matter what they are.

True enough but i also would like to find something a little more fitting :stuck_out_tongue:

Earthbound battle musics, Final fantasy 6 dark world music and others, Illusion of Gaia moon tribe theme, Metroid Prime 1 and 2 area background musics, and a few TLoZ Ocarina songs.

The darker ones ofc. This is all I can find on this laptop.

I have them on shuffle, but I imagine you can change them on situation if you wanted for a video.
Also, give us some links bro.

Personally I tend to play Blackmill while playing. Music containing lyrics seem to get in the way of my analytical ability, especially when I know the song well and start to follow along in my head. I follow quite a few commentators and love it when they add music in the background of slower-moving games such as rougelikes, so long as they tone the volume down enough to not get in the way.

ya i screwed up in that regard yesterday so i did another one this morning with a new more fitting track by kevin macleod, ill have to wait and see if the peeps like it :stuck_out_tongue: