Music Thread 2: Bebop Boogaloo

There’s an old thread the forum bot scorned me for bumping, so I guess I’ll start a new one?

Music in Cataclysm. Not a high priority for anybody but something I think a lot of us would enjoy having the option of toggling on.

If you think about other games like Dwarf Fortress it’s almost impossible NOT to hear that guitar plucking.
But this raises the question: what is the SOUND of Catclysm?

Personally I think a sort of subdued haunting ambient tune would be perfect. Something like the world music from (the original) Fallout that’s as much background noise as it is background music.

I could also see causes for some more electronic/industrial sounds, or classical composition as long as it has that sort of strained haunting atmosphere around it.

I love listening to SomaFM ‘doomed’ when I play. It would be really cool if when you turned on the MP3 player or radio in the game if the actual online station would ‘turn-on’ and play through your speakers; assuming of course that internet connectivity existed. :slight_smile:

throws money at screen

I usually listen to some old music from the Fallout: New Vegas radio tracks. I kinda also think that the background music (no radio music) seems somewhat appropriate, particularly the eerie whispering sound that plays every once in a while.

Personally, I don’t normally play music when I play DDA, primarily because I don’t have any music that would seem appropriate for the setting.

Old western harmonica music.

Later tonight I’ve got an idea for an experiment that’ll help us reach a consensus about what sort of BGM fits Cataclysm. Stay tuned, for SCIENCE.