Creating Music for CDDA

Greetings all!!
I have a few questions in concern with creating music for CDDA

  1. Are there any things that I need to consider such as file size, bit/sample rate. file format etc.
  2. I also noticed in ChestHole’s sound pack, there were separate folders for specific themes. Is there a particular reason for this.
  3. What are my options in triggering certain tracks for specific scenarios? For example, could I set up music to play when a zombie is in the player’s view (I’m guessing that this is what the “Danger” music is for) and can I change the music once the player has been spotted? also things such as day and night time and maybe even seasonal music.


Really bad translation on my part

Thank you for the feedback. I noted that ChestHole’s soundpack changes music based on the danger level so I figured that there would be more options like that.

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