Artyom's Gun Emporium: Reloaded (More Guns!)

Hello fellows, might I interest you in our lord and savior, instant strike match reloads???

Using the white tip of matches you can reload the primers, the use the rest of the match as powder. sure its dirty, inefficient and the pressures vary but it works.
Also red and white powder propellants?

“Red or White Powder” Propellant may be prepared in a simple, safe manner. The formulation
described below will result in approximately 2-1/2 pounds of powder. This is a small arms propellant
and should only be used in weapons with 1/2 inch inside diameter or less, such as the Match Gun or the 7.62 Carbine, but not pistols.
Materials Required
Heat source (kitchen stove or open fire)
2 gallon metal bucket
Measuring cup (8 ounces or 240 milliliters)
Wooden spoon or rubber spatula
Metal sheet or aluminum foil (at least 18 inches square)
Flat window screen (at least 1 foot square)
Potassium nitrate (granulated) 2-1/3 cups (560 milliliters)
White sugar (granulated) 2 cups (480 milliliters)
Powdered ferric oxide (rust) 1/8 cup (30 milliliters) (if available)
Clear water, 3-1/2 cups (840 milliliters)

You can also substitute sugar instead of sulfur in gunpowder.

All ammunition problems solved.

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Actually, there exsists this thing:

This thing can solve all your ammo-related problems.

Also, may I ask you who Artyom even is?

Ever played Metro 2033? Artyom is the name of the protagonist.

Oh. Yeah, that’s what I was thinking about. Cool.

Hi, so for some reason this shows up under ‘no category’ and won’t let me run a world. Help?

not sure if this is a bug or not but all the rifles/shotguns in this mod lack the “sling” mod slot

hope no one minds

this is a fixed version of this awesome mod with no errors regarding 40mm and the color errors EG ltgray ETC


I get a string of errors as shown below for AK related items mostly:

    15:25:32.593 ERROR : src/item_factory.cpp:1320 [void Item_factory::check_definitions() const] warnings for type artyomrk95_tp:
magazine "akmbigmag" specified for "762" is not a magazine
magazine "akmmag" specified for "762" is not a magazine
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does this mod has RPK/RPD gun on it? because whenever i try to test spawn it, it crash the game.

Yes, it has it, Nimian Manufacture too, i’ve found out how to fix it and once i’m done fixing every crash-causing item, i will upload fixed mods, in RPK/RPD case it’s the non-existing magazine type, you’ll have to swap it with an existing one from vanilla, that will fix it

ohh alright, that means i have to deal with the non-existing mags for awhile then.

thanks for the info.

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Here is the fix, though this may or may not cause some more negligible errors, i believe the majority of game-crashing bugs are fixed now in these mods

Does anyone have the newest version of the mod?, im haiving issues with it…

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Check out the great compilation by @TheGoatgod, it has everything fixed in Artyom Emporium mod :slight_smile: check out the version that was updated 9 days ago

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i used the mod version that came with the compilatio, but i still have the same error :((

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The game as a whole is a bit unstable right now with a lot of mods needing serious updating due to the inventory system update, I wouldn’t be surprised if it needed further updates.

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My e. Stable works fine try that
What error are you coming across

Huh, I see the problem. Too many double slash, “//”, which is used for comments. That one got borked by an update on the experimental, around 10640 or above. I also got that error around a week or so back.

If you’re going to use TheGoatGod’s Mod Compilation, get the latest archive from the main archive, not the one from the release. Here’s the link: That will fix that error. But you might get more errors if you use the entire compilation as it is.

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Hi going to work more on fixes and things rn expect more mods to work… ive been wanting to play some that arent working i use alot of mods soo yeah