Game crashes when traveling ingame, replaces world

Version: 0.D-6428-g7cc274d

There is some erorr where it pops up about having some sort of issue when auto-saving and when I load back ingame I’m in a seemingly entirely new world, what the hell is this bug, it’s horrible.

Generated a new map with fewer mods rumored to cause this issue like more locations and vehicle tank parts and it’s still triggering, pls help.

Did you open an issue on the github? The forums are good, but the github issues section shows right up in the repo for all the volunteer devs to see and investigate

Might be related to this:

and this:

If it is, the good news is a fix is currently being tested.

Yes that’s the game killing bug I’m having largely down to a T

I had something like this happen to me. The game crashed with the same fault and created a copy of both my character and world. Loading the copied world will work but crash if you try to save.