Crash after i moved savegame from 0.B 2581 to 2595

Hello everyone i’m new here and i decided to let you know i found out while moving my savegames from a version to another it crashes, i tried creating a new character and everythings works good. The peculiar thing is that my character is near a RV and when i try to load the game in the new version there is no RV near him just a # and also another vehicle can’t be seen, as soon as i try to move the guy it just crashes. Is it possible that i can’t move the savegame anymore? i hope this post helps out. thanks in advance for the answers

This also happened to me with my current youtube character. All the vehicles that were already generated were all squished into one single tile. It only crashed when I was close to my home vehicle (which had lots and lots of items). However vehicles where spawning ok when exploring new cells. Things breaking is sort of expected with the experimentals (especially with older saves). Hopefully you did what I did and backed up the save beforehand.

Also, welcome to the forums.

thanks for the answer i thought i was the only one having this issue, i usually keep different versions going so i still had my save game in the old version that worked and as you said i saved the game far away from my own vehicle which had a ton of items and it worked and then crashed when i tried to get close to my RV. it’s all good i’ll keep playing on the 2581 and see if some versions in the next days will work. and also thanks for the welcome!

Holy smokes, you ain’t kiddin’. I just booted up 2597 and loaded my old save and my flatbed truck is now crushed into a single tile. I’m going to guess it has to do with changes in the vehicle code in 2595, so time to grab 2594 for that save file. (You were doing great, Raquel Macmahon, but looks like the newest experimentals are going to need a new save.)

Breakage is a problem, though, so good to hear the report. Gonna want to fix that before stable 0.C.

Fixed, though unfortunately there is no way to rescue the vehicles from their implosion.

It’s okay i’m glad tho my report was helpful!