[bug] examnining vehicles causes a game crash

in the latest at the time of posting experimental sdl windows build, examining a vehicle causes the game to crash. tested 3 times.

I’m having the same issue, please help!

Can you try this with the just released version?
Also does it still happen if you run the game with an empty save folder?

I tried the 0.7(released today) version, with empty save folder a couple of times. You can control the car,BTW. Both GDI and SLD versions are crashing. Previous version runned without any issues.

Didn’t crash on my pc.

when attempting to reinstall the game i got this message:
Status Code: 404


Generated by Winstone Servlet Engine v0.9.10 at Wed Jul 17 18:13:33 BST 2013

so i cant test whether the vehicle bug is still there. sorry.

GalenEvil advised to increase viewpoint to 14x14, it fixed the problem.

13x13 actually, it’s an issue with the window offset going negative at 12x12. The problem has been fixed and is just waiting to get merged into the mainline. Once that happens it’ll only be a few minutes before the build is ready for download :smiley: