Fungus Really?

I started a new character and was nearing the end of day one. My stats went red with no reason given then I started vomiting grey goo and spores. However I had seen no fungaliods, are there any other causes?

Nope. Parasite growing into your lungs. Fungaloids. Next time, wear mouth protection !

Did your previous character have a fungus infection?
Been a bug around that makes conditions and other oddities persist across characters through a restart.

I think i must have met one with out noticing. I’ve learnt my lesson always wear mouth protection.

Also of note is that Fungal Zombies are realllly good at passing along spores.

Though, considering the speed which your infection hit, I’m still inclined to think it was a persistence bug.

I doubt it I tend to delete save data every character unless it was a good map. When this happened it was from fresh.

Did you notice anything else weird, like your character randomly teleporting around?
There is one other vector for fungal infection, but it’s super seccrit.