Can fungi spontaneously infect cities?

In my survival, I got into a big city, there was a bunker next to it, in which I decided to give the character a rest, and then left the game. at my next entrance, mushrooms appeared near the entrance to the bunker, and as I wandered around the city, I saw more and more infected creatures.
Will the creatures infected by the mushroom spawn themselves further or does each hit infect other zombies with mushrooms? I have surprisingly little experience in fighting the fungus, so I’m asking for help.

Unless something’s changed, the reality bubble outside a certain radius beyond your player character’s pretty static and doesn’t really simulate anything. So if you’re nowhere near any fungus, it won’t spread. Same as fires and such.

But uh, yeah if you spend any significant time around fungus, it’ll spread like wildfire. I remember camping out a few overmap tiles from a fungal tower once and woke up to find myself in what looks like an alien world, full of spores and fungaloids. But yeah they’ll infect zombies if it gets a mouthful of spores by trying to eat it. And they’ll infect you. Stay the hell away from the spores, leave the area quickly and don’t bash anything.

You also used to be able to find things like still fresh milk in grocery stores months after the Cataclysm because of this but there seems to be have been an update where pre-Cataclysm perishables will usually spawn rotten now if it’s shelf life has passed.

Usually not, because it takes a long time

As mentioned, there probably is a spire a little further away (so you can’t see it yet) whose spread IS within the reality bubble. All it really takes is a single fungaloid within the reality bubble for some time to get a mycelium network to take hold. Once it’s spread to an area much larger than a single reality bubble I don’t see how you can eliminate it as fire doesn’t progress unless it’s within the reality bubble, and you can’t move without moving the reality bubble to further mycus spread at the edges, but you have to kill the fungaloids to stop them from generating new spores.
My take on it: If it’s a small patch, such as a tower, you can eliminate it with the right tools (matches and a rifle), plus half a day to babysit the fire. If it’s large you have to get away from it and don’t enter the area except very briefly (such as very occasional trips through). If you’ve got protection from spores fungaloids in themselves aren’t that much of a threat, but the spread is unstoppable due to fire not progressing unless inside the reality bubble.


So, after 1 very long night walk in which I was looking for transport, I managed to find a working military vehicle, closing all the doors, I went in search of the spire. when I found a radio tower on the outskirts of the city and climbed it, I was able to confirm that there are mushroom flowers on the outskirts of my city… but then I had questions about the fact that while I went to the vylka and back, I saw mushroom walls, the ones that create a mushroom spire. is this normal?

uh… no. Spores are harmless to your character, their only function is fungal ground propagation.
What you should really look out for is damage from fungal creatures, that’s what can give an infection. Well, that and eating fungal crap. And teleglow, though I think fungal infection part was removed in latest exp builds? maybe?

Is that really correct? My impression was that inhaling spores could lead to infection, but they spores would otherwise be harmless if you had gears to protect you from inhaling harmful stuff. Thus, I thought being completely naked apart from a gas mask would be safe (from the spores: the spore emitters is another thing).

Well, I believe Vormithrax. If he said spores are harmless then until someone dives in the code and proves it false, they are harmless.
In addition to that, i just checked, and mon_spore doesn’t even have any fungus* special attack, it has only plant(which I guess is aforementioned fungal terrain planting). So unless it is hardcoded, no, they cannot infect you.

Thanks. Seems that whatever random advice source I based my “knowledge” on was incorrect or outdated then.

If we talk about fungal infection, the spores are harmless, their only tasks are to infect the soil, grow new fungi and distract long-range attacks.
however, if you stand next to a mushroom when it creates spores, then you will catch the effect of “spores”, this can already turn into a very unpleasant mushroom parasite, so do not even try to stand next to mushrooms. I am glad that the griboids do not fully receive all the power of their real counterparts, otherwise the mycelium not only grew independently, not only independently created new griboids and spores, but also hunted you. I remember that there are mycelium fungi that can hunt very small worms, but an alien fungus can easily hunt you.

not “spontaneously” it was likely that a fungal tower or other thing was likely obscured by a forest nearby and you didn’t see it spread until now.
basically when dealing with fungi (or arguably worse, triffids) you’ll want to burn it as soon as possible with a flamethrower or molotov while keeping your distance, or get as far away as fast as possible. you do not want to see fungi at all.
almost anything can get infected from insects to zombies, however usually only the actual fungi stalks can spread actual funghi tiles or airborn spores.

last time I checked if a fungal spore touched you it can infect you if you don’t have high enough environmental protection, especially if it gets in your eyes

how exactly did you figure that out? was it explicit message in message log?