Fungal infection while wearing full power armor?

So I was exterminating a massive infestation of fungus I ran across while exploring, and suddenly I had the terrifying mutation, there were robots attacking me, and I saw a “generator” which was “fleeing”. I was in the middle of a forest, so I found this strange. I checked my status and it showed that I had a fungal infection and was hallucinating.

I popped some anti-fungal medication and rapidly stopped tripping balls, but I’d like to know how I caught it in the first place?

For one thing, I was wearing full basic power armor, with both helmet and armor in reinforced condition. This should be providing complete environmental isolation right?. Secondly, none of the fungal critters or spores ever got close to melee range. I was using a fusion blaster rifle to lay waste to the infested areas, and lighting fires on every fungal tile I found that wasn’t going to be immolated by the blazes caused by my rifle.

you could have been hit by a gas. spores are airborne so you may have breathed them in aat some point. or the infection could have happen before hand

No. I came straight from my base, and I am 100% certain I was perfectly healthy before leaving.

Power armor is supposed to be sealed and provide protection from gases, radiation, and other environmental hazards, like an NBC suit + gas mask. I also have the Air Filtration and Leukocyte Breeder CBM’s, and very high strength stat (it affects immunity), its like 18-19 w/bionics & Prime Strength. So it should be pretty difficult for me to get sick to start with. In addition, my health status was at 97/100.

then i got no idea never used power armor personaly. i tend for mutated characters and most done mix well with power armor so you have have just had a bug. also air filtration only lowers the chance not a 100% block

Did you happen to get stared at by a flaming eye? Or perhaps use a teleport item? Either can cause a fungal infection.

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Nope. No flaming eyes. No teleportation.

Nuking Gandhi style bug from being too immune to spores, or maybe just THE WORST luck on an environmental roll?

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Well this is the first time I’ve ever managed to actually get a fungal infection, and I’ve exterminated vast swathes of fungal tiles and hordes of fungal creatures, so I’m inclined to think it was a horribly unlucky environmental roll rather than a Nuclear Gandhi type bug. Unless something changed recently…

There are other ways to receive teleglow, for example there may have been a nether portal somewhere nearby that you didn’t see.
Or maybe you wandered past an artifact buried deep underground?
Seems really unlikely, but ‘swathes and hordes’ of fungals would be likely to proc a garbage environmental protection roll more than once.

Or, was your power armor perhaps damaged slightly by something?

Have you been using any weird artifacts recently? Some of them can give you fungal infections too.

Not using any artifacts. And z-levels arent turned on.

Power armor in reinforced condition. I’ve NEVER been able to damage it.

It was in the middle of a forest so its possible there was a portal somewhere I did not see, but if there was I didnt get close to it, so how could it give me teleglow?

Perhaps it got in through the waste port. Damn UTI’s.

Thats sounds very very awful ouch!

In fact, it’s designed being everywhere.