Fungal Infection creates ghost limbs

I got infected by fungaloids for the first time, I went to sleep, woke up with heavily damaged arms, kept going for a while. Eventually, fungal tendrils sprouted out of my hands and brought both my arms to 0hp. That supposedly didn’t stop me from cooking some meat, downing some drugs, and go beat(taekwondo) on a horde of zombies before stepping on a landmine and as a last resort using dynamite to break into a bunker to have a safe place to recuperate, turrets got me.

Until the end though, it seemed I still had functional arms, they never blocked hits, only my legs did, but somehow I was still jabbing stuff. I even managed to beat a wolf to death with a nutritional cybernetic i had picked up along the way.

I doubt completely broken arms would prevent you from swinging them about and moving them, but maybe the interdimensional goo had something to do with it.

Also: Nice sig.

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[quote=“georgeallan, post:3, topic:138”]Fungus is a primitive vegetable such as mushroom and mold. Fungi refer to more than one fungus that can infect different areas of the body. Fungus reproduces by spreading tiny spores in the air. If you happened to inhale these fungal spores or it land on you, you will be afflicted with fungal infections. Fungus infections often start in the lungs or the skin. If you have a weak immune system, your body will not be able to get rid of these foreign invaders and consequently, you are more likely to get a fungal infection.
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Yes , fungal infections are a dick.