[0.8-1967-g3070962 SDL] Fungal Issues

There might be an issue with the infestation chance, as it took almost 20 hours untill that character was infested.
After that, I drank more than 30 doses of fungicide and the fungal parasite wasn’t removed. Royal jelly worked just fine, though.
Another attempt at getting infested took about 26 hours.

Oh, and he was a bionic patient with 8 in all stats, no traits and no skills. He was wearing only a wrist watch during these tests.

I wouldn’t exactly call it an issue, I’m not too sure how Fungal Infection is spread outside of Telescikness but to my knowledge don’t Fungal Boomers have a much higher chance of spreading it?

As far as I know, a character has a chance to get infected on every turn for as long as they have the spore dusted/covered/coated effects.

I’ve got a PR up to fix this, thanks for pointing it out.

You’re welcome, and thank you for your hard work!

And it’s landed. Thanks a lot, some of these long-term interactions are really hard to test.