Fuji's Structures

Download: Github
Dependancies: More_Locations (Vanilla mod)
Conflicts: PK Rebalancing, works fine if PK is loaded BEFORE this mod.

Suggestions appreciated

10 new houses

7 new city buildings:

  • 2 Apartments
  • Oudoorsman’s Store
  • Car Dealership
  • Diner
  • Gaming Store
  • Gun Store

4 new specials:

  • Airport
  • Light industrial park
  • Gas station with underground bunker
  • Scavenger’s Bunker (with new scenario + 2 professions)

2 new professions:

  • Rookie Scavenger
  • Novice Scavenger


  • 1.0
    Initial Release

  • 1.1
    Scavenger’s bunker special
    Scavenger start w/ professions

  • 1.2
    Added 10 houses
    Fixed some airport buildings

  • 1.2a
    Fixed toilets

  • 1.2b
    Fixed dependencies


Worth mainlining it!


It might be a good idea to tweak the name of your mod to something like “Fuji’s Structures+”, or similar. The name as it is implies that the mod only adds in new buildings.

There is a new tool - Prefab Explorer which reported some issues in you overmap terrain definitions.

Fuji_Structures-1.0/worldgen/airport/s_air_atc.json and Fuji_Structures-1.0/worldgen/airport/s_air_hangars.json have invalid number of characters in last row of rows object.

Thanks, all fixed up.
New prefab explorer is a godsend.

Requires vanilla’s More Locations too, otherwise it won’t get past overmap specials when you try to create a character.

Been playing with this in latest run. Love the buildings but they seem to drop all the loot, in vey generous quantities. Went to one light industrial park and it had no zombies and a ton of high level skill books. Not sure if limits and mobs are enabled yet, but wanted to mention it.

My map is also suspiciously sparse but not sure if that’s the mod or RNG yet.