More City Locations

Good afternoon, survivor! Did you remember to pick up your zombie child from day care? What about that missed package notification from Amazomb? Better stop past the post office on your way there… oh, right. Your bike has a broken chain. Rats, gotta drop that off at the bike store. I guess we’ll be driving the deathmobile instead, then…

More City Locations

More City Locations is a new mod aimed at adding some variety to the inner cities of Cataclysm. There are five new locations so far.

Spoiler, don’t open if you want to discover the new locations for yourself:

Current locations:

[ul][li]The post office, which doubles as a small bookstore and sells some other sundries,[/li]
[li]The day care, where zombie children have fun together,[/li]
[li]The bike shop, for all your deathbicycle repair needs,[/li]
[li]The butcher, which is starting to smell pretty bad, and[/li]
[li]The feral house, a suburban house now home to wild animals.[/li][/ul]

Download the latest release here!

Would love to hear any feedback or suggestions for more locations to add :slight_smile:

All these locations were created with CDDA-edit, a mapgen editor I’ve been working on, then tweaked by hand (since CDDA-edit still lacks support for a lot of stuff).

Nice, will try asap!

Just updated with three new buildings and some bugfixes. Check it out!

I’m really enjoying this.

This mod with the urban development mod together have totally changed my game. Thanks for breathing more life into the game.

I tried adding “more” (meaning other building mods on top) building/location mods, but I get “unable to place” errors, is that a limitation with the engine or something? Is there a way around it? I am loving the variety and the exploration location mods like this, really makes the world more mysterious.

I have taken to the “tourist” scenario, where I know nothing of the local area, I decrease the overworld map knowledge (size) from the beginning to 3 (minimum), so when I find a city nearby, I need to reveal it manually. Makes for “fun” and also reward when you find that grocer shopping cart surreptitiously.

It’s because Urban Development is using up a lot of the overmap special slots. The latest version on github has reduced all min occurrences to 0 so you can add more building/location mods together with it.

Off-topic, but it might interest you that Whaley released two new location mods here:

Hey thanks for the mod ideas, I was wondering why Whaley’s mods in the launcher wasn’t working with the latest experimentals.