Freshly harvested (from nature) duck egg was frozen?

Was this a workaround for something or is it a bug?

“This food was frozen and is now mushy and tasteless and will go bad after freezing again.”

Pretty sure that (in the game) eggs spawn at the temperature of the tile, not the temperature of the inside of a duck. There are two problems here, not sure if they count as BUGs, but they’re worth considering.

First, the eggs should spawn at duck temperature, but the real problem here is that ducks (in game) don’t have nests and they don’t sit on eggs to keep them warm. Wild ducks lay between March and July, domesticated ducks apparently lay all year round. If you want to know more, check for yourself. I don’t know if the difference is genetic or how they are fed / kept.

Second, duck and chicken eggs can be frozen then later cooked an eaten with no problem. Y’know, as long as you don’t live in North America. But that’s probably because they do weird things to eggs that are sold in the US.

It also work this way in-game. If you make something from mushy ingredients, the result will be perfectly fine (as long as they aren’t rotten or toxic or w/e).

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Thanks, didn’t know that. It’s odd to see an egg described as ‘mushy’ but that’s a small point as I’m not going to eat them raw anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

we wash the eggs
most eggs have a simple viscous mucous coating around the shell and it increases the chance of transmission of salmonella by a tiny percentage if you don’t wash them before you crack them
but if you do wash them the mucous can’t protect the egg from anything bad getting in
in short the best way is to not wash keep at room temperature and wash just before use but this sometimes isn’t as pretty and is harder to work with in the factory line