Suggestion: Forging Eggs should be found warm and other ideas

So I’m doing a new run due to the death of my last and I noticed in early spring most of the food you forage for in forests are found frozen but I found it weird that eggs which I’m assuming we find in nests frozen too. I just think it makes more sense finding the eggs warm not frozen. I also assume we’ve pissed off a small bird as well by taking the eggs.

oh, would that not be a neat idea as well?
maybe when forging we could encounter(spawn) small animals in the brush too? like a small pissed off bird that divebombs you, or a rabbit or some other small critter.


This would be fantastic!

You know, a small chance of finding of a critter would also help a little for those who start as carnivores. Kinda how wild plants aren’t very good as food, but is food nonetheless, so why can’t there be an equivalent with small animals?

As for bird eggs, it does make sense to have eggs be warm. Maybe also make it so that carrying small items doesn’t make them go cold (your hands keep them warm).