Birds and eggs - basement

  1. How long it take to lay eggs for bird? I have 4 birds in basement and only turkey laid eggs for now.
  2. If I keep them in basement, then it influence on speed of giving products (in this case - eggs)?

From my observations (on experimental build downloaded in May 2019):

  1. Birds can lay eggs each 3-5 days. And it is important for character to leave birds location and then return (e.g. go upstairs/downstairs, or walk ~10 overmap tiles away) - eggs and bird litter will appear on return.
    Also, chicken lay eggs all 4 seasons, but wild birds like pheasants lay eggs only in spring (or in spring and summer), but not in winter.
  2. I think basement or field or farm is irrelevant - birds will produce eggs and bird litter anyway, in the same quantities in any location (but I didn’t perform real experiments on this though)
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I saw that birds produced litter (once even in quantity of 10, most of rotten), but only once saw eggs from them.
Edit: Yeah, my oldest bird is pheasant.

Ah ten overlap tiles. This explains why my bathroom duck won’t lay any eggs. I’ve been hanging out too close.

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Is this a very recent change? I used to do pretty much nothing but craft/work on a vehicle/read/sleep in the same ~2 overmap tiles with the chicken coop being in sight about 18 hours each day and they laid eggs just fine. I did gather eggs in the morning usually, though (which means I went inside to sleep).

maybe it thinks he is a rubber duck…

In case someone doesnt know or have forgotten, the same applies to farming (the thing about being out of the reality bubble)