Can you hatch eggs + how?

Hello! I was just wondering if I could hatch any eggs I find from foraging or wild birds? I know baby birds are in the game and found some references to eggs hatching when I searched online, but I’m not sure if it’s still a feature, and if so, how to actually do it. Thanks :cowboy_hat_face:

It used to be part of the pest system, but I think baby birds now just spawn from parent birds. Though I will miss wandering into grocery stores full of baby chickens.

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Going outside of your normal reality bubble should work, don’t let them get cold or frozen, and they can still hatch even if they’re rotten.

Technically possible to happen. But the eggs go through a process to avoid customers having dead chicks plop out. That kinda puts people off. A lot.

They normally go onto a track run and a light scan can detect whether or not a egg is an edible customer friendly kind or has a chick inside of it.

Besides that. Chicks are often sold cheap on their own so people can create a small farm. So the farmers like to make a little more money by plucking those out in order to sell them. =D

MA has a lot of small back yard farmers. You can usually find them just driving about on main road ways.

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