Fitting music for Cataclysm

Hey guys! What are the most apocalyptic-sounding tracks you like to play while playing Cataclysm?

I highly suggest any movie soundtrack by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and The Social Network are my top favorites to listen to while playing. :smiley:

10 hours of Nyan Cat. Just cause it’s the end of civilization doesn’t mean that I have to be horrified about it!

But seriously, I just try to fit in whatever feels right. When I feel like it, at least.

That one in particular sounds nice when wandering about.

I will happily suggest some Sabaton. :V

I sometimes like hearing blues while roaming the wilderness, I just think it’s fitting given the setting.

I don’t really have anything to specific to suggest however. But if you try searching music on the forum you might find some of the previous suggest tracks topics.

Alternatively, “I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire” is always classy if you’re feeling retro and/or old.

The soundtracks of the game Metro 2033 fit with the apocalypse atmosphere of the game. I believe several soundtracks playlist are floating out there on Youtube.

I tend to listen to a lot of K-on while coding and playtesting. YMMV

One For Sorrow - Insomnium
Maybe not exactly what you’re looking for but I always thought it fits the game.

The soundtrack from The Last Of Us is also a good one for cata.

Plan on roaming the woods, Skinning animals and building wooden huts?
Or perhaps going on a spree with your hand-forged or legitimate relic Zweihänder?
Try Listening to Wardruna

Only one song for the joyed-out post-human slaughterborg…

Work Harder

21 days later OST is awesome and very fitting for me:

And whether you’re slaying bandit NPCs, or going all banditlike ON said NPCs, there is only one fitting music.

Delta 9




Crimsonland soundtrack.

I got a few…
The S.T.A.L.K.E.R. soundtracks, Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni soundtracks, Jigoku Shoujo soundtracks

Higurashi in particular has some nice ones in the form of the main theme (all 12 versions) and matsuri (matsuri means festival, btw).
Enjoy losing your sanity. :slight_smile:

Cheeki breeki? owo

I’ve always been partial to The Stroke while I’m on a crafting or reading binge. Makes it feel like a montage.

What I always listen to when I have to do trivial tasks in the game that gets repetitive (Reading, Crafting, Ect)
is [spoiler=this]

[sub][size=3pt]Not Really[/size][/sub]

To be honest, I mainly listen to this,

Get out of here, Stalker.

What I usually have is my big fat playlist of all the things going on shuffle. So that’s a lot of…well, to JUST name the stuff I have enough of to dedicate decent-sized playlists to:

Spoiler because HNNNNG

Aria, Avalanch, Disturbed, E Nomine, Eisbrecher, Ensiferum, Five Finger Death Punch, Godsmack, Hammerfall, Heidevolk, Horytnica, Kiuas, Manowar, Megadeth, Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, Powerwolf, Rob Zombie, Sabaton, Static X, Strativarius, Three Days Grace, Tool, Turisas, Tyr, Volbeat…

And then a few smaller folders, a misc. folder, and a video game music folder. :V