First aid kits matching discription & CBM shop-thingy

“A full medical kit, with bandages, anti-biotics and rapid healing agents. Used for healing large amounts of damage.”
-From the wiki
So, if first aid kits have anti-biotics, why can’t i give them to the NPC who needs freaking anti-biotics? What if we have two kinds of first aid kits, ones with and without anti-biotics? I mean, irl I’m pretty sure you don’t need to use the whole first aid kit when you need a bit of a fix.
Also, please add a CBM instalation shop. I once found a flyer on the road that advertised a place where cybernetics were installed. I think it deserves a new building.

I’m pretty sure the description is referring to a topical antibiotic, like neosporin or something. You are not going to halt a systemic infection with a little tube of antibiotic ointment.

I also think there is a machine in labs or hospitals that can install bionics, but I’m not sure. If not, there probably should be.

There was maybe some discussion of a CBM installation machine, but nothing has been implemented.
I’ll update the first aid description to specify topical antibiotic, that’s what’s intended.

I figured it meant antiseptic.

Antiseptic would probably be a much better word for it.