Disinfectant, surgical tools and filthy bionics

Another step on top of requirement for painkillers;

  • consumption of disinfectant during the procedure.

  • tools with ‘surgical’ quality.

This should be rather simple to add and make acquiring bionics a bit more involved and immersive. Expanding on this we could have special surgical stations in hospitals and clinics (see suggestion for cash-card operated auto-locations), a surgical station/bed for vehicles, a surgical robot (!), surgical tools/nanobots CBM, some surgical mutation, ‘Surgeon’ and ‘Bio-Surgeon’ professions.

And additionally, since many bionics come from rotting corpses; filthy status for bionics and the need to disinfect them.

Please don’t. It can be annoying enough to have to seek out painkillers to install bionics normally, but once you know the system its not that annoying. I seriously do want my Lab Challenges to be even harder than they are now, nor do I want to use my potentially life saving disinfectant every time I want to install another Power Storage Upgrade.

Second, there already exists a tool quality for this kind of surgery called “Fine Cutting”. Its a requirement for removing bionics, along with a First Aid Kit.

On a side note, when painkillers became a requirement for CBMs, there was a suggestion to change it so only bionics obtained from corpses needed them, while CBMs you found from Electronic Stores and from Labs were able to be installed without them. Before the Painkiller change, there was a widely accepted headcanon that CBMs were “Self Contained Kits” with everything you needed to install the cybernetic. Apparently this wasn’t true, however, hence the change.

Lot’s of things in this game are annoying. Like death, for one.

But thanks for letting me know about removing requirements. Never done that before.

As for the canon, that smells as a justification to fill the gaps in a patchwork feature.

Were you active when the painkiller requirement was first introduced? The entire community was up in arms about it, introducing more strenuous requirements will likely not go well. I personally am fairly ambivalent to needing more stuff for cbm’s

I don’t know about painkiller being a problem, they are pretty easy to find (at least if you’re advanced enought to have cbms to install you are probably advanced enough to have a bunch of painkiller stock piled somewhere) and once you havepain dulling cbm you can start chugging CBMs on just like before.

I’ve had CBMs within 2-4 hours of starting more than one new fresh-from-the-shelter unskilled Survivor. Having them isn’t really a metric for how advanced someone is. Personally, I don’t mind the painkiller requirement, though I do think that requiring multiple doses of morphine to do so is a bit absurd.

Also, I wouldn’t mind having CBMs “tainted” by their source (butchered Zeds come to mind) being flagged as needing disinfecting (as in cleaning the CBM, not as an installation requirement) or else you risk infection (in those parts the bionic installs to, should that system make a return) and a weak mutagenic effect.

Ok, you’re right. Still now that we know a bit better how one is supposed to use the painkillers for CBMs installation I don’t think they are too much of a problem.
Fleshing out the CBM installation process with tools, stations, and eventually NPC doctors can’t be a bad idea though.