'No CBMs' mod

As the title suggests, I’ve made a mod that removes all CBMs from the game (but only the items: professions with the bionics still exist, I just found it unrealistic that people were doing surgery on their own eyeballs). Simple blacklisting stuff.

I’m not sure what the procedure for actually getting it to show up in the mod menu is, though. Any help?

It was there the whole time, I accidentally named it No Mutagens :I

Dropbox link to .zip containing the mod folder: https://www.dropbox.com/s/00tmx47cy4spehe/No_CBMs.zip?dl=0

Id be a massive fan of requiring a doc/robot/computer to install cbms and a ‘recovery time’ or damage or something.

This is something Id do.

Yeah, it’d be preferable. There’d probably be bionics facilities in hospitals, and more advanced ones (for quantum tunnelling, fusion blasters etc.) in labs - probably best to suggest this in a different thread :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d vote for this…if a certain person allowed such things to matter >_>

Anyway, sound idea here. I oft thought of CBMs as being modular by default though. So “Activate” said item over a body area and let it do its thing. Self surgal. The CBM, not the person wanting to insert it.

Kinda like how Neo got belly borked by the Agents in The Matrix part 1.

That’s certainly a good explanation, but like pisskop said there’d probably be side effects to letting a machine replace your subdermal tissues :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Having a system like this has been discussed a few times already btw. (Sorry no sources). And I think most people agreed that it would be a good addition.

Do note that the CBM is actually intended to be a one use automated surgery kit that does most of the hard work of the surgery.

“CBMs are surgery kits that contain all the tools required to install a cybernetic implant, also called bionics, in a human. They are automated in some ways, but manufacturers’ warranties insist on having a fully qualified technician and medical doctor to assist in the installation–in a proper medical facility.”

Yes, this does mean that crafting CBMs and getting them from corpses makes no sense at all.

This was discussed before but what is harvested from corpses should be the bionic components only, which you would then repair (craft) to make the main bionic. Then you would accumulate the nassessary tools to automate thr bionic surgery, this would be done by either disassembling oyher cbms or just looting labs. Then the tools and main bionic would be used to craft a CBM.

I still think a stationary thing for getting bionics makes more sense - even if the survivor can somehow create remote control cars from talking dolls and cell phones, automating their own massively invasive surgery is kinda weird.

Do CBMs currently care for NPC follower’s stats?

If i recall there was a doc that spawned if you got the ranch base’s quest done far enough that allowed you to pay him to install bionics (but his chances was a lot less then my current char at the time…)

(and was glitched that it wouldn’t take the CBM; so that char traded a lot of cash for energy to the point i broke 5 digits of energy…) (not sure if anyone ever fixed that bug, i think i reported to githud but this was /ages/ ago)

Not sure, but I’d imagine that if they affect first aid they’d affect CBM installation, if that’s what you’re getting at.