First aid not working (7645)

When I try to use a first aid kit, instead of healing me it disassembles into it’s component parts, none of which have any effect on healing. I’ve tried debugging my first aid skill to 20 but it still has no effect.

Healing happens over time now, you should show an effect of what you applied, bandaged, disinfected, etc.

Are there stimpaks or Rivtech equals via injectors?

there is rare lab tech quick healing items mostly though you have to scamper off and lick your wounds at home
also it doesn’t heal over time it heals while asleep

Are you talking about the Nano Repair CBM? Cause that’s getting a Nerf soon to fit with the new health system it’ll heal you quick though as it is now.

I know there is some sort of injector quick heal as well as some kind of super rare red ampoule that does “stuff” but why nerf the repairbots? it’s high quality nanomachines with a high power cost seems balanced even if only in rarity

They are making it more balanced by adding a passive and making it only one limb and having a all limb emergency mode which devours power and they are also if I recall rightly from the tread here on it had a pain, food, water, and tiredness.

If you keep yourself bandaged and the wound disinfected (keep the quality as high as u can) then you will heal very slowly, without sleeping. Sleeping as always is Uber heal mode.

With disinfected and bandaged wounds you can sit there and watch the hit points come back but it only lasts for like 8 minutes before they wear off else wise they heal really fast unless your health is VERY low if it’s high you’ll heal really fast.

With imperceptive healer, bandages and resting do next to nothing, my current character has been stuck sitting around reading books for the past month to heal near fatal damage. I knew I wouldn’t regenerate much by sleeping, but wasn’t expecting first aid to be so weak as well. Used about 30 bandages and over 100 makeshift bandages, it just doesn’t seem to do anything. Maybe it’s tied in with my seasons being 91 days instead of the default length.

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All at once, or over the course of days? When applying a bandage or disinfectant, the game will tell you the current bandaging/disinfecting quality as well as the expected quality from the application of the bandage/disinfectant. If applying another bandage/disinfectant will not improve the quality, forgo doing so until the current one wears off.

An aside, so people don’t make the same mistake I did: Don’t use broken limbs while you are trying to heal them, after they’ve been splinted/bandaged/disinfected. Hauling back food on broken legs had me wondering why my broke legs weren’t healing, until I realized that walking and carrying weight were further damaging my busted legs.

Not all at once, adding a new one after the old one wears off.

So we still have the wind blowing on a broken limb re-breaks it? I never break any limbs. So i really do not know this atm.

Oh, no. I was carrying weights I had no business carrying on broken legs. The fault was mine alone.

I’m just as confused.

I updated the game, and now not only can I not craft first aid kits (and 90% of the ones I had have disappeared; I have TWO left), I can no longer craft anything that goes in them either.

I can craft bandages, disinfectant, and duct tape, but not gauze or medical tape? My antiparasitic recipe is gone too, but the medication itself still exists and spawns, and the antifungal recipe is still available.

My First Aid skill is 8 and I have all the books to get it there. Cooking is 11, Fabrication 10, Survival 8, Tailoring 7. There is no reason I shouldn’t be able to make medical tape or gauze.

If you’re going to make such a ludicrously huge change to such a fundamental and essential part of the game, at least do it right.