Unable to treat the NPC wounds with medical stuff

Because there was something data change about the first-aid kit, I was unable to treat the npc on the menu, in the old version, we can treat the npc wounds by select on the menu and use item to treat them, but since the surgery update on new version, the medkit has change it’s rule, and was no longer able to use on this menu, and it seems the npc wont use it to treat on it’s own as well, I also tried use bandage to treat them as well, but it does no effect on them, the wounds wont treated, as it’s still remain the same hp, but still cost my bandage.

Healing happens over time now, there should show a status effect now of bandaged, disinfected, etc.
As for the first aid kit, did you disassemble it into the components, and try to have the NPC use them, or just the unopened kit? Cause they are now not just used, they have to be opened up/disassembled.

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Now you’re talking, yeah, I already notice it after few version later, but thanks for Reply.