Fires to melt doors in science labs/police stations?

Before I try this and go through the effort. is it possible to build fires to melt/destroy doors in science labs, police stations etc that i can’t open since i dont have the computer skill to use the terminal? can i blow these doors up with stuff?

as to why? The question is, i like blowing stuff up. played tons of games. so screw it.

Explosives are the way to go, if you try to use fire to get through a metal door I can guarantee the entire building burns down.

You can also make ammo explode by lighting it on fire, which can break through a metal door but it’s quite risky compared to using a grenade or C4.

Yea explosions are the way to go, a fire is either not going to do anything, or burn down the whole building.

Rockets are your friend in those cases.