Any ways to open closed metal doors besides explosives?

So are are there ways to force open metal doors without the use of dangerous and rare explosives like C4? Even my halligen bar is useless against those things…

It’d be a nice addition to the game if we could use breaching torches or bionics specifically made to tear off metal doors like hydraulic myscles or something…

Acetylene torch and iirc jackhammer will go through metal doors.

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I once had a character build a three-tile (electric? I forget, it was made from whatever I could find nearby) motorcycle with a ram up front, just to break down a library door in a lab. A fair bit of hassle, but it works!





Quantum Travel CBM, because I don’t have time for drilling and kind of crap.

electric jackhammer can be crafted from scrap and fitted with a battery and will safely remove any metal door

Also, if your goal is “Downstairs”(I’d say most lategame goals are) instead of actual metal doors, You can just dig downstairs.

Rat mutants also have an option to chew threw metal doors with their superior teeth.

Regular application of salt water will slowly corrode the metal until it’s a flimsy sheet of rust. This might take decades though, so bring snacks!

Semi-rare Barret rifles can take a few shots. But it can get you through.

Also if you have the luxory of a vehicle. You can crash enough times through the wall or door via the vehicleat high enough speed. Just remember your seatbelt or you probably die.

Barretts solve many problems. :slight_smile: And if they don’t a 120mm cannon will

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Well true. I also enjoy making zombie Gazpacho with one :wink:

But unless kevin or someone else toned back the crazy shrapnel problem. Using most explosives without any cover is absurdly suicidal :man_shrugging:

that’s strange. I once tried using a 120mm tank cannon to try and take out some metal bars and the thing didn’t even budge, even after three rounds were put in it

Are you talking about metal doors or metal bars? Because if the latter, the cannon might’ve just went through without colliding with the bars, like most projectiles and reach melee weapons do.

I’ve never personally tried to 120mm a metal door to death before, but I see no reason why it shouldn’t work.

And if it doesn’t, I’m sure as hell you’ll at least punch a hold through the walls nearby instead.

metal doors. not windows.
you can just use a hacksaw on metal windows.

This reminds me of welding frames to random cars and using them as one time battering rams to enter nearby banks. Good times.

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