what explosive helps “to open” the metal locked door?
when i “open” the door with fire hook - they, which is after the door - kill me.
i try C4 - not helps.

If you can find an acetylene torch and welding goggles or possibly something with the same glare protection, you can activate the acetylene torch and indicate the direction of the door to cut the door down. Depending on what you’re trying to get into though, it may be easier to knock the wall around it down. That incurs the risk of collapsing the ceiling on the area, and maybe your character but, honestly, I haven’t seen a single acetylene torch since I picked the game back up, so it might take quite a while to find one for cutting into a door. That may just be me, though.

The metal doors on the front of gun stores can often be picked with an improvised lockpick, unless that has changed.

sorry - i maybe not right say.
i need to open the doors with the explosives because enemys which is stay after the door, i mean - near the door in the small room - kill me.
or you mean that the acetylene torch is can be radio-controlled?
hmm - let see what we can get from this… :slight_smile: will report.

no. radio_mod can’t be installed onto the acetylene torch. pity.

Sorry, I wasn’t paying the necessary attention. I didn’t see that the problem was things attacking you on the other side of the door.

Where are you digging around, exactly? If it’s a lab, and the problem is turrets, you could open the door at an angle if you aren’t already.

no. it is not the lab. it is yet not the vault-city (with the radiated wanderers) - it is national guard base, where many and many of Wraighteon robo-soldiers…
well as, has estimated humour of a situation? :slight_smile:

you are as shadow go to them you aim from the maximum distance - khkh - you are a corpse. :)))
you are creep to them from round the corner with a spear - have slightly tarried - khkh - you are a corpse…


one saves - when you behind armored glass, these numskulls all the same shoot. shoot and shoot won’t devastate the holders yet. then you approach them impressive gait and - especially out of pity - you stop their senseless tortures by a suitable heavy blunt object.

I see. I haven’t tried exploring those national guard bases yet. The creatures roaming around it look way too dangerous to mess with.

Since they’re robots, they’re likely vulnerable to EMP and scrambler grenades, but the problem there would be getting close enough since they can apparently kill you from quite a ways away. I assume you’ve already tried explosive-strapped remote-control cars, since you mentioned the radio mod, earlier. EMP hacks are an option, if they can get to the enemies before detonating, but I expect you’ll need to make very many of them if you wanted to use them.

I don’t remember where you can find the recipe, but there’s an item called a “Control Laptop” that you can use to turn robots friendly by overriding their IFF codes. This turns all other hostile robots against them though. It also requires that you be fairly close, so you may need to hide behind the armored glass you mentioned, to get close enough to do it. I’m fairly certain it requires computer skill to hack them, so you’ll need to work on that as well, if you want to do it.

There’s also the tried-and-true method of killing things: running them over with cars. If you get the quarterpanels thick enough, they may not be able to shoot through it and kill you before you finish them off. Alternatively, you can install the remote control unit (I believe it was the “drive-by-wire controls”) into a car and pilot it remotely to run them down without the threat of getting shot. Cars will only work aboveground, though.

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B-) i have this one.

and… IT WORKS!!! thanks a lot!

Control laptop has a disappointing range and even worse the range isn’t a Jsons number.

range is to balanse his majesty :slight_smile:
not so far not so loud but Rule. :slight_smile:

but from big distance - there is sniper rifles. and toy-car with electro bomb or simple bomb :slight_smile:

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What about not so simple bomb?

sorry, what do you mean?
there is something what i don’t know?

btw in the vault-city we can use jackhammers (and explosives also)
because walls made from stone and steel but national guard base underlevel made from concrete - and this is not be destroyable by the explosives - i yet tryed this. c4 did not helps - metal doors stand stil also as walls don’t been touched.

Have you tried rdx or html or really any of the charges.

i’m not a web-programmer.

I meant explosive charges. There is an rdx charge, I think html charge and a black powder charge. The main issue is they have large blast radii and this heat to remote detonate them. Also sorry for not specifying.

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I’ve heard of websites blowing up, but this is ridiculous! :grinning:


sorry - i don’t known about this thing.
ok. i will read what is it.

RDX is a Hexogen. in the early 00s in the Moscow was been terrorists act - there is been demolished the apartment house…
hexogen is a notorious thing.

html - did you mean HMTD?

Yes that is what I meant however I could not remember the name and was too lazy at the time to look it up.

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