Feedback for new weapon

so few days ago, i’ve made PR for new weapon in “50” category, and it has been merged into experimental build 9660, and the new weapon is anti-material sniper rifle called AS50.

i want to know what do you guys think about the weapon… is it balanced? is it need some adjustment? or feeling OP? let me know.

(i also made another PR to add 2 new weapon continuing the AS50, currently in-progress check)

It’s a rifle designed to stop armored vehicles, ofc it’s OP :wink:

Haven’t found one in game (It’s probably not in the build I’m currently running), but looking at the stats on github the only thing that looks off is the absence of modification slots. Was that intended?

im using the guide for making the weapon and it uses “copy-from” rifle base, so there should be modification available in-game.

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