Balance ideias for my mod

Any idea on how to balance this stuff ?

Plans:Addition of new weapons and armor based of real life and fiction (Especially from: Fallout, a Roblox roleplay at game called After the flash and some original creations)

Planned additions:

Thermal bedroll:A normal bedroll that doubles as an thermal blanket.

MOLE Vest shit:

MOLE plate carrier:Can use MBR armor plates,recipes that add certain things like holster and extra space,can have a MOLE backpack atatched to it.

BASE STATS:1 Cut,4 bash,5 warmth, 3 encumbrance,1 volume and 0,5 capacity unmoded.

Planned Add-ons:MOLE Backpack Integration + 12 Cary capacity

Holster:Ads the hability to holster a small weapon.

Magazine carriers:Ads space for up to 4 magazines.

Rifle magnets:Habillity to holster a single Long firearm.

Pouches:Adds pouches with 2 liters of capacity each.


.300 AAC Honeybadger:A small PDW using subsonic ammunition in rifle caliber,packs quite a punch for a weapon it’s size,not as effective as standart rifles.

TSR-31(Tactical service Rifle-31):A battle rifle assault rifle hybrid chambered in the 6.5 Grendel ,popular before the Cataclysm in the civilian market and inside the military due to it’s weather proof characteristics,its comes in a nice shade of dark green similar to a clasic

Chimera:A unusual Sniper rifle having it’s name due to it’s uncommon barrel design,it is extremely ligthweigth,it can be fieldstriped extremely fast to be transported easily,hardly weights more than nine pounds,a dark coil runs around the barrel so the shooter can hold the weapon,chambered in 6.5 creedmore.

MPG:The MPG is a state of the art LMG,it’s extremely complicated internals,specialy constructed stock and barrel allow for an extremely high rate of fire with minimal recoil,prone to jamming,Chambered in 6.5 creedmore.

XSR-6:Some time ago you saw in the news,radio or even saw one of these being in trial by the armed forces to replace the M40 Sniper system,this weapon is the result,More ergonomic,reliable and presise than other sniper Rifles,Features an scope with integrated range finder and night vision scope for low light environments.
(6.5 Creedmore)

SCR-95/25:A wheater proof Battle rifle tested alongside the TSR,wheaterproof and extremely accurate fires the 6.5 Grendel,has integrated,muzzle break,5,5 scope and adjustable stock,being burst fire and semi-auto only it can be better than it’s automatic counterpart in some cases,the SCR-25 features full auto and is chambered in 6.5 creedmore but lacks the integrated scope.

Asr-50/.338:The Advanced sniper rifle it’s a bullpup sniper rifle featuring extreme presicion even at extreme ranges,before the Cataclysm some people claimed that the antimateriel version could stop a Russian APC in one or two well placed shots, obviously that’s not true,designed to absorve recoil when deployed properly and was marketed in the civilian market as the “No recoil gun” It’s price was also outrageous thanks to the integrated totally digital 12x FLIR scope,the Scope also has a bubble level,This version comes in .338/.50

The Dragon 28:This 12 gauge bullpup Automatic shotgun with a 30 round helical magazine looks ugly,features a integrated muzzle break that doubles as a choker,it is the best choice for the modern shotgunner and pointmen if the gun feels like working.

TSR LSW:A TSR with a thicker reciever,open bolt, heavy barrel,stock made to absorve recoil and a bipod,as usual come with nigthsigths and a underbarrel laser.(6.5 grendel)

TSR DMR:A Designated marksman rifle version of the TSR it’s internals have been modified to serve as a DMR,being semi auto only,features an integral bipod build into the reciever and a muzzle break (6.5 creedmore ).

Valkyre SMG:A revision of the MP5 plataform, completely weatherproofed and rechambered to 10mm/.45,and mimics the MP5 entirely,some verions mimic the K and SD variants. (10mm and .45 ACP and each caliber has the standart, compact similar to the MP5K and Covert variants that mimic the Mp5SD).

LEVI-3:A state of the art carbine,being constructed almost entirely of polymer and plastic,only the parts that have contact with the ignited gunpowder such as the barrel,bolt and some moving parts are metal,being extremely ligthweigth having the same weight as a SMG,the barrel has a built in grip happily it still allows for the use of greaneade launchers and other things.

5mm minigun:This 5mm minigun is specialy made to be used by ground troops,packs little to no punch,little to no recoil and extreme fire rates.

Gattling laser:A laser minigun that uses big fusion cores, everything else is self explanatory.

Water cooled assault rifle:A assault rifle that mimics early machineguns,slow fire rate,heavy and bulky,has a reputation to be so heavy that you could kill a guy by hitting his face with the thing,almost never jams and accepts 5.56 belts.

AER-9 laser rifle:This early laser rifle had started to see use by the US military recently,can rip a person’s arm in one shoot and has little to no recoil,it’s laser actual does a lot of noise and the rifle has little to no recoil.


AR-500 body armor (I to IV):one of the best body armors in the marked,you will need a vest to use it tho. (Applicable to MBR and MOLE vests).

Ar-500 Shock absorvers (I-IV):AR-500 shock absorvers not made to block bullets but to protect against blunt force.

Ar-500 backpack armor(I-IV):Back pack armor plates,applicable to any backpack.

X01 MKII/advanced power armor MkII :


Chinese stealth suit: Basically a optical cloak with RM-13 sprites and no need for power.

All versions of the PiP-Boy and vault suits

Elite ranger,Desert ranger, New Vegas riot gear,Veteran riot gear and elite riot gear



Give me ideas for balance because I’m bad at making shit balanced

Just a small note:The Ideia is that the 6.5 Grendel ans creedmore weapons will pack more punch than .223 but less than .308 with higher precision than both of those