Globaltech Mod (Alpha V.2)

Globaltech Mod Alpha V.2 is now up and ready.

this time, i found out that in first Alpha test, the mod is actually not working as intended and as a result, the item that was supposed to spawn naturally in place where rare weapons should spawn… never spawn at all…
now with this Alpha V.2 it will work as intended and if its work as intended, i will update it to Beta Test and more items should be added for Beta.

this Alpha V.2 includes 2 new items :

  • Globaltech Katana : Rare, upgraded version of katana by Globaltech.
  • Globaltech Sword : Rare, upgraded medieval sword by Globaltech.

Special thanks to :

Download Link :

how to install :

  1. simply extract the file to Data/mods and start the game, its on the mod list when you create new world.

put your suggestion/feedbacks/bugs down in the comment. and i’ll be sure to check it out.

contribution is still up, you can upload the modified/own JSON file and i’ll check if its suitable for the mod.

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I hope that the XSG-80 can show up on a special NPC named “gun jesus”

:smile: and you said that right after i thinking about making NPC that sells weapon… need more scripting experience though.

What makes the anti-material sniper rifle different or better than the Barrett .50? That thing can kill a skeletal juggernaut in like 3 shots tops.

yeah… github cataclysm member says the same question to me about that.
i intend to add another anti-material rifle for variety choice, so players can choose between globaltech Anti-Material or original Anti-Material.

So it’s same stats just different weapon?
If so kinda nice to have more choice.

It would be best if you did something to vastly differentiate the two, rather than have just small differences.

Some suggestions:
Make it use a VERY large caliber round compared to the Barrett .50 (.50 BMG), like maybe the 20mm Vulcan. With armor piercing and explosive ammunition variants.


For balance purposes, such a rifle would be very heavy, have a slow rate of fire & target acquisition, and have limited ammo, like 3-5 rounds tops. Also, have an integrated bipod that cannot be uninstalled. A beast of a rifle like this would HAVE to be fired prone or balanced on a surface.

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yes i have done it all, and for the bipod and weight will be implemented.

it uses its own special ammo, .75 AMR


:smile: old comic, good one.

more gun, more ways to survive.

no, i intend to make it more powerful in exchange for rare ammo, and rare spawn rate.