Game woulodn't even load

I’m assuming from the error saying I had duplicates that its because I used the more buildings mod and it was just mainlined. If so how would i fix this if my save wasn’t completely corrupted?

Edit mods.json in your save/worldname folder and delete the name of whatever mods you don’t want anymore.

Would you please provide game build version and screenshot (or text) of the error?

I didn’t get the error screen shot. But I went from 7757 to 7771. I think its the whaley’s mod merge that did it.

Just launched after updating with more buildings too. Got this error but the game still loaded.

Only 74 > 72.

Its normal if your running lots of mods they all try to place down special locations but there is not enough room on that map tile to do so which gives that error mine is 100+ > 72 so meh.

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Mine wasn’t that error, it was something about duplication. I’ll attempt to recreate it later today or tomorrow and post the message here.

I removed more buildings and only got the to many overmap specials error. So its working well now.