Mansion Spawn Bug (Build 7179)

Hello, something’s up with the mapgen as it pertains to the new mansion layouts. Looks like the game is spawning tiles of the mansion as “house” on the map, resulting in a disjointed and incomplete mansion. The up/down stairs lead to nowhere and hurt you if you try to climb them. Can anyone else confirm/reproduce, or is my install corrupted somehow? Build 7179. Edit: screencapped the wrong mods.json. I think it may be an incompatibility with the More Buildings submod.

I’ve seen the one in the top right corner, with the square consisting of three beds and a bookshelf around a few times. It looks like it shows up four times here, so it must be pretty common. I had no idea that it was related to the mansions, though.

Sorry I can’t be of any help regarding what might cause it. More Buildings is among the mods I usually use, but the list of mods I usually use is also kind of large.

I’m seeing the same bug, perhaps it has something to do with changes to mansions going on recently?

Most certainly. I’m looking into this.

You do not have More Buildings mod on the screenshot (its ident is more_buildings).

Would someone please provide savegame with affected mansions? I tried to reproduce it, but can’t yet.

Here ya are;

By the way, I updated my game and created a new world, mansions are working again. And they look great too!

Yeah, I updated as well and subsequent mansions I’ve come across appear normal. Must have been some transient change with one of the builds… seems resolved now. Sorry for the wild goose chase!

Do you remember by chance which version/build you had before the update?

I suspect this bug:

Which was fixed in:

Afraid not. Best I have is that my backup of the previous version (which Im fairly certain is the version the bug occurred on) was downloaded on 2/28.

I didn’t realize this was a bug. I also have found a mansion like this. Also, DO NOT try to go up the stairs… OUCH LOL.

edit: I updated from 7183 to 7192 and found the mansion in 7192 yesterday, but it was just outside the “fog of war” so am not sure if it was newly generated or how that exactly works. It’s in my latest video if you want to see for yourself (not trying to promote in this thread, just thought it might be useful info).

Link please? Sorry for me being lazy. :slight_smile:

So it might indeed be related to this “unifying of town and overmap specials” referenced in that Github bug… I stumbled upon a house on the outskirts of a city that was using a chunk from the mansion set, complete with the unclimbable stairs.

So, somewhere in the code there is apparently a mixup that is confusing house and mansion templates. I’ll get back to you when I’ve got more.

I actually just realized the previous episode doesn’t have the bugged mansion. I recorded it, but still have to edit the one with the bugged mansion, which will be coming out on Wednesday. I recorded this previous Saturday’s episode and Wednesday’s both on this past Friday, which is why I got confused.

Here is a link to the playlist, my audio quality has gotten better since the first episode.