Exploiting goo canisters

Just killed a fungal bloom with one goo canister and several matches.
At first I burned the bloom and then released blob. While I stayed away blob killed several fungaloids around me (they didn’t seem to counterattack) and then moved into the center of burned bloom, where he at first killed several spores but then started targeting fungal walls. It seems they spawn at rate lesser than blob moves and attacks so he managed to kill several of them and get close to spire which he too started to attack. None of the fungal creatures seemed to mind blob as he finished the spire and proceeded to destroy remaining spores and fungaloids.

Maybe it is a well-known noob tactic but searching haven’t found anything like that yet.

the only excuse I can think of is that the mobs don’t attack each other unless specifically set to do such.

really clever

This is nothing! After you take down that fungal spire search out some mar loss berries and eat them until you start spawning friendly spores. IF you place yourself right and they plant themselves, you should be able to spawn your own self-sustaining fungal army! :stuck_out_tongue:

That said yeah, it’s a side effect of fungaloids not being aggressive, though I’m surprised that the young fungaloids didn’t try to target him.

Also should probably make the fungal wall eject ability work on monsters too, that would sort out the most broken part of it.

Good job finding a fun interaction :smiley:

That should be fairly simple, since the fling function already works on both players and monsters, would just need to change the check (would need to make sure not to fling fungal walls though, though that would be kinda hilarious to watch :P).

Sounds like a feature to me, the Fungipult!

[documentary narration voice]

Widely loathed by the people of this land, the fungal structures have gone largely unobserved - it was preferable to avoid them or burn them to the ground. But with this new remote-controlled camera, we have captured footage of the fungus as it is when there is no danger. Here, two fungal walls are playing leapfrog…

[/documentary voice]

Thanks, I nearly sprayed my keyboard with coffee from the mental image :stuck_out_tongue: